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User Info: SlajifrasH045

1 week ago#21
Rhiethreal posted...
Imagine thinking the Lance is immobile.

It can hop backwards and chain that into an even longer back hop, and then chain that in to a hop while blocking in front of it. So you can hop away from the monster, hop even further away from the monster, then hop away from the monster while still blocking in the monster's direction.

That is just one example, of how the lance can move BTW.

I don't think lance is immobile. I think lance is far less mobile than DB

I have 550 quests with lance btw
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Hi-Scores posted...
This is good example of how dominant the wep can be in good hands.

A very tough match up for lance vs shara, makes it look easy. (3.56 Godly charge-pivot k.o)

Not all about fastest times theres a lot of skill on displayed here too.
This is the YouTuber I was talking about who has a good video of double rajang event. I really wish there were more content creators showing off the lance but I understand why they aren’t. The room for error is so small to keep dps high.

User Info: Antari18

1 week ago#23
Outside of GS, Lance is my most used weapon in IB. This is probably the most fun version of Lance in the series up to date. There's this certain feel about getting counters just right and new skills like Offensive Guard made it even better than in vanilla.

Someday you'll reach a point like I do where you play a weapon/set/playstyle you like most other than braging about fastest times or comparing TA for """""BEST""""" weapon in the game. I mean it's pretty common among people who have low experience and low amount of hours played with the series so don't worry about it too much.

Also pretty bad set for Lance in OP. Resentment is just meme for lance since there's little to no place for errors but I see you're following "meta" sets from reddit.

User Info: nebula2

1 week ago#24
That's right. Lance damage is trash....but it's still a fun weapon ^^
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User Info: game_wiz101

1 week ago#25
There was some video of lance vs. Zinogre where the man just would not yield. I can't find it, but it was pretty awesome.
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User Info: Sirk

1 week ago#26
Rhiethreal posted...
Time isn't the take away here. The potential DPS numbers are. I already stated that I am not a speed runner, and I played like trash.
I don't know what your skillset was, because it wasn't listed at the end, but my guess from what was evident (Safi bonus, Resentment) and the fact that you're running Safi's Shattersnout or some other Safi Lance, is that your skills are damage-oriented.

You also weakened Banbaro's face and were attacking that.

You also were fighting Banbaro.

Don't you think LS and GS and SA and all the other weapons that typically clear quests more quickly than Lance, can put forth better numbers than that in the exact same situation?

If someone is insinuating that it is inherently wrong to play Lance and that you're crippling the team, that's a bad attitude and you are fully right to try to dispel that attitude. That's completely different from saying that the upper limit of the damage that the Lance weapon class itself can do, is lower than the upper limit of the damage that other weapon classes can do.
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User Info: Jaegon

1 week ago#27
lance damage is trash

User Info: didierre

1 week ago#28
I still play Lance sometimes even though the damage is not that great... They can still buff it a bit like they did with SnS.

IG however is complete garbage, played it a few times in Iceborne and gave up because the damage is terrible for all the investment needed, it's a shame since the weapon was really good in the previous games
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User Info: Jackyturbo

1 week ago#29

Yes, Lance's damage is not great.

However, nothing tops the feeling of powerguarding through Nergi's dive bombs or dash guarding through pretty much anything
one lucky captain falcon spike : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0EfrjOUZko
I wonder how lance would stack up in iceborne if they didn’t nerf the elemental damage it does. The weakness exploit nerf also hurt lance if you aren’t the cleanest.
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