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  3. Beginner here, which should I start with as a main weapon?

User Info: nebula2

2 weeks ago#11
LS is the best begginer weapon.

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User Info: Fairycancel

2 weeks ago#12
Don't recommend LS people xD. Yes it got range and its quick/evasive but it have very lackluster damage if ypu don't use it's risky moves and they tend to be also fairly hard to use. LS was a good starter wep on the past but not now. Dependant on gauge and risky moves is a bad combination
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User Info: bakalap22

2 weeks ago#13
Being a LS main miself I would recommend for a begginer Hammer to learn positioning or Switch Axe. LS is too forgiving with foresight counter and range , its important to know where and when to hit and how to dodge and LS for a beginner can be all over the place when fighting which translates in less damage.

User Info: Rhiethreal

2 weeks ago#14
SA is the objectively best choice.

SA lacks real crutches and has enough going on that learning to play it will allow you to quickly learn any other melee weapons after learning SA first.

LS is crutch central. Not a bad thing if you already know how to play, but it will hurt you in the long run if you become dependent on it.

CB plays its own game with little carry over. You'll learn to play the CB, but nothing else really, and sort of pidgeon hole yourself in the long run.

Bowguns, especially HBG, is the ultimate crutch, but their also tend to be very item and gear dependent, making them a bad choice for starting out, even though they are broken at end game.

User Info: _Epicurean_

2 weeks ago#15
I'd argue for Switch Axe. It's a easy to play it competently, you're given a lot of movement and range options that let can let you play pretty safe with your attacks and you're not really locked into doing one specific combo for very long-- you can always change things up on the fly. It's easy to pick up and do ok with it, but there's a lot of room for mastery if you want to sink your teeth into it.

Also, I'd argue that it's just more fun than most weapons. You're given a larger variety of attacks/combo options than most weapons and if you get accustomed to it, you can efficiently find a use for the entire kit pretty regularly. Also, Elemental Discharge is just over-the-top/goofy/badass.
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User Info: Tidus1012

2 weeks ago#16
Those weapons aren't for beginners, for now forget the looks and focus on effectiveness.

Your best option are the dual blades, believe me.

User Info: Rhiethreal

2 weeks ago#17
Tidus1012 posted...
Those weapons aren't for beginners, for now forget the looks and focus on effectiveness.

Your best option are the dual blades, believe me.
DB are mindless, heavy on stamina and item usage, teach you bad habits, not the best at part breaking (such as diablos horns) early on, and little of what you learn from using them will carry over.

They are not bad weapons, just not what you should start out learning on.

User Info: MrSmi7h

2 weeks ago#18
Unbound-King posted...
I liek Dual Blades.

This is one of the best recommendations.

Honestly, as a beginner friendly weapon Duals over LS any day. SnS might be more tricky to use optimally, but the potential is high.

You can't go wrong with Heavy Bowgun so absolutely pick that, you can switch between light and heavy if heavy gets difficult to manage at some point since they're almost the same. I'd use around 4 weapons total.
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User Info: Lord_Shadow_19

2 weeks ago#19
Out of those 4 I'd say LS, as others have said, it isnt deco heavy in terms of what's needed to make it work, and doesn't require anything particularly special to determine how you go about playing the weapon. It is a very easy weapon to pick up and play, it feels rewarding when you play well, and dps is fairly consistent.
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User Info: Willy_Lopez

2 weeks ago#20
Best thing about LS is when you do reach Safi (and its up again), if people put Safi to sleep, you can just keep hitting R2 R2 R2 R2
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  3. Beginner here, which should I start with as a main weapon?
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