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User Info: olvit

2 weeks ago#31
Luna/xeno lance
Luna/nerg SA
Great jagras SA (it's probably meta for TGL, cuz sleep)
Arena coins weapons lance, hammer, and ls. But ls is close to meta I think?

User Info: MetalGearDogma

2 weeks ago#32
Hellish slasher
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User Info: crashman222

2 weeks ago#33
the_requiem posted...
Brachy Hammer.
Pukei Hammer.

Currently working on Crit Draw build with upgraded Wyvern Ignition.

The crit draw build with frostcraft and an elemental GS is super fun, and while not meta they still get good damage if you haven't tried it.
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User Info: Clyde_Starsborn

2 weeks ago#34
The Narga GS. Even though it's rarity 10 with crap attack, it does have purple sharpness. Let me get the Nerg GS maxed and Augmented.
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User Info: CaoSlayer

2 weeks ago#35
I like the Glutton gunlance normal 6 with four healing augmentations.

I get hit I dont care.
All Gunlance Videos. Builds, Walkthrough, Naked Runs, and explosions, lots of explosions.

User Info: silverbullet474

2 weeks ago#36
g0n4craZyloc0 posted...
silverbullet474 posted...
g0n4craZyloc0 posted...
Velkhana hunting horn

CaptainWolf posted...
Bazel HH

Fairycancel posted...
bone HH

These are all technicality still meta (along with several others, Iceborne's list of good Horns is huge), they're just not 'highest potential raw damage' like Acidic Glavenus is, which isn't the same thing. In different scenarios a lot of options actually do just as well as if not better than Acidic in the right scenario--people just kinda jumped the gun calling it the be all end all choice after that 1St wave of speedruns. Same thing happened with Deep Vero in World.

I'd agree with everything except the gs. On the contrary, everybody wanted to believe there were options superior to acidic because of its aesthetics. Over time as people gain more experience acidic just shows in speed runs to outperform. Is it game changing? no. But the evidence is there. If you need a reference: HK_MK_OLAY on YouTube. Currently holds the fastest gs times for several monsters.

I meant more for HH since that's the weapon I have the most interest in/experience with. Others may be different. I thought that Frostcraft/Crit Ele/Crit Draw GS was able to outperform or at least compete with Acidic though? That's what I heard last I paid attention to it anyway.
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User Info: ToastedSal

2 weeks ago#37
Oodogaron DBs
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User Info: CaptainWolf

2 weeks ago#38
Zxar07 posted...
Girros Hammer, Para is too good to pass up with a hammer.
It's also weirdly unique looking, being the only plain iron model to get the row of blades on the head.
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User Info: ssj954vegito

2 weeks ago#39
I love the Zinogre HH but those guitar riffs need to be louder.

Other than that:
-Workshop DBs
-Namielle SA
-Pretty much all of Nergi's stuff but mostly SA/HH/HBG/LS/GL
-Barioth bowguns
-Kushala's weps look good but he's cancer so I barely have any of them
-Odo DBs and CB

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User Info: KingofDungPie

2 weeks ago#40
ssj954vegito posted...
-Barioth bowguns

Barioth is meta for ice element lbg.
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