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  3. pre-Iceborne, what was the most difficult quest?

User Info: Semeki

3 weeks ago#21
jagger_wanderer posted...
That one singlular weekend where capcom decided to drop Tempered Deviljho without anyone knowing about it. The failure rate was way higher than the TED.

Oh that was a good one.
I remember people saying "Relish" meant cherish the return of old MH because of how tough TJho was and at the time without armor updating then to what we have now (and Kulve weapons) it truly was.

MakotoYuri posted...
You guys who think kirin was hard never tried any weapon aside from your main right?
Fire bow or guard up Lance, decimate kirin, I also heard hammer is really good.

I've done it with IG GS and Hammer but Bow and the Bowguns will always be good against Kiron because precision and accuracy on its tiny head, they're the only ones with aiming capabilities.

Oh! Wouldn't it's cool if GL got like a rocket launcher you can use the way Bowguns have wyvern snipe. And you can aim it too.
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User Info: DeadBankerDream

3 weeks ago#22
Akuma_Kinomoto posted...
Not counting Behemoth, Leshen, or Kulve Taroth

Arch tempered Nergi.
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User Info: Sirk

3 weeks ago#23
Without Behemoths or Ancient Leshen, I don't think there is one quest most players would agree is the most difficult.

For me, definitely the two most dangerous Arch-tempered monsters were Xeno'jiiva and Lunastra, possibly followed by Nergigante. I don't remember if there was some weird non-large-monster quest that was super difficult and that I forgot about completely, but of conventional large monster fights, I think those were about the hardest for me to complete, even if I didn't lose them very often.
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  3. pre-Iceborne, what was the most difficult quest?
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