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  3. pre-Iceborne, what was the most difficult quest?

User Info: Akuma_Kinomoto

4 weeks ago#1
No Clutch Claw, none of the rebalances or new weapon moves brought in by Iceborne. With or without the arena quests using predetermined sets. Not counting Behemoth, Leshen, or Kulve Taroth

2 immediately come to mind. For point of reference, these quests had me stuck for days when the next hardest quest "tier", Master Rank or elsewhere, have only carted me once or twice

1. Gone in a Flash--the first chance to fight an Elder Dragon. Kirin is a small, fast target whose non-bounce zone becomes even smaller when supercharged, his weaker, scattered lightning attacks appear erratically and one paralyze or stun is all he needs, and he's the first major target that cannot be captured. He's brutal for the earliest point he unlocks, to the point where even Arch-Tempered Kirin is a lowkey joke by comparison

2. Pandora's Arena--Lunastra's introductory quest has everything going in her favor. She's fought in a small area that magnifies the threat from her blue floor fire and makes it nearly impossible to avoid her supernova, on top of Farcasters being disabled for this specific fight but not her actual slaying quest(s). Then there's the 15 minute time limit on top of almost her entire body being a bounce zone. Top this all off with a tail swipe that forms a semi circle of protection on her back half, hitting things Teostra would outright miss with his own tail swipe. The difficulty of this quest is 100% the conditions working in her favor; the last fight in this questline (No Remorse, No Surrender) against Teostra and Lunastra is baffling for how easy it is. And once a fight unlocks to go against Lunastra on her lonesome out in the wild, she fast goes from a lioness to a female dog

Those are my thoughts for the hardest pre-Iceborne quests in the game, anyway. What do you think is the hardest fight in the game before Iceborne dropped?

(and if I'm including the arena quests with predetermined sets. Azure Rathalos. I became a Hammer main for 50 minutes after many failed attempts. By which I mean I learned how to SPIN2WIN JUMP)

User Info: Dethuli

4 weeks ago#2
I'm gonna say the introductory Lunastra quest due to the time limit and small arena.
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User Info: Fairycancel

4 weeks ago#3
You can dodge her nova by clinging to a wall
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User Info: eastman1982

4 weeks ago#4
Behemoth and lashen where the hardest things in world along side arch tempered xeno as most frustrating
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User Info: Solid_Seb

4 weeks ago#5
I got rekt by the tempered kirin (double fight? idr) a bunch of times, mostly cause he was one shotting me since I needed better armor/res. Easy once you can survive a hit though

User Info: Symphoenixa

4 weeks ago#6
Well, it depends if you try a quest solo or in multiplayer.

All of them were easy, really.
The hardest was maybe AT Kushala without a bow. Additionally I used GL, GS and Hammer pretty often against it too and never had problems with it. But without this weapons it was much harder, albeit doable.
AT Lunastra was a joke too if you timed your access to the Fireproof mantle well and used controlled Supernovas with well timed flashes.
AT Kirin was an extreme heavy hitter and one wrong move could result in a cart easily. Besides that it was a glass canon and easily knocked down.

All of the ATs were another level of difficulty in multiplayer. That doesn't have much to do with "bad randoms" or anything else, but with its higher thresholds and unpredictability.
AT Kirin was the easiest of the three ATs I mentioned above, despite its higher unpredictability. Its glass cannon attitude got it down easily, if not more easily with the right team.
AT Kushala was definitely a hard one, especially if you didn't have any ranged fighter in your team, however with three or four good bow users even this flying pest couldn't do much.
AT Lunastra on the other hand .... wow, just wow. Controlled Supernovae were almost impossible without communication or preset plans and many people didn't use Fireproof mantles, which resulted in maaany frustrating carts and complete loses.

Thus my conclusion is AT Lunastra in multiplayer, easily.
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User Info: KingofDungPie

4 weeks ago#7
Pursuit 1 ATKT solo
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User Info: gene0129

4 weeks ago#8
AT Kirin
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User Info: darealest47

4 weeks ago#9
The collabs just from being complete s***e fights
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User Info: tokerblue

4 weeks ago#10
Deviljho for me. One, because it was my first MH game and had no idea what to expect. Second, I was using DB against him and had no idea where I should be attacking.
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