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  3. How much did you enjoy this event? (Scale 1-10)

User Info: sulfre

1 week ago#1
How much did you enjoy this event?

On a scale of 1-10, how fun was this event for you?

(optional) What's the best thing to come out of this event? (items, decor, music, emotes, etc.)

User Info: paulodybi

1 week ago#2
3 because Vaal is just boring fight
The only fun thing for me is zombie mode

User Info: Deaga

1 week ago#3
I'm finding it hilarious, 10/10. No need for crazy weirdass collab monsters, just mixup an existing monster a bit. Sure, it's not something to do FOREVER, but hey, events aren't even available forever. It's a great change of pace and I love it!

I'm super biased as an SA main, though. You can just go pew pew pew with ZSDs on it lmao.
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User Info: OhGoodGrief

1 week ago#4
Not going to bother doing it. It's boring with bad rewards

User Info: Terenigma

1 week ago#5
I would give it a solid 9. Lacks a 10 because of Mr X being paywall but everything else is a riot and i am thoroughly enjoying the event. I know Final fantasy and Witcher both had monsters but both were cancerous and not fun so yeah.
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User Info: Mimic22

1 week ago#6
7, that's what a collab is.

User Info: Reaper_ExE

1 week ago#7

Because it made Vaal that much more fun to fight, and actually tolerable with the 120% efflivia resistance (I say 120, because if your weapon is not drawn, you heal hp in effluvium, also, it "hardens" your body so you don't flinch from attacks either)
"I fight.... FOR THE USERS!"
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User Info: CaoSlayer

1 week ago#8
Needs an extreme encounter like all good collabs.

Good thing this is not reddit I feel my karma vanishing.
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User Info: darealest47

1 week ago#9

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User Info: Solid_Seb

1 week ago#10
I gave it a 6, overall too easy. Lacking much content doesn't bother me too much, and I like the quest mechanics, but no challenge makes it more of a chore than a fun experience. Not to be one of those tryhards, but it should have been an AT vaal, or something comparable in difficulty.

No layered armors are a let down, but I'm sure they'll come later.

Also handler should have worn the mr.x costume for the duration of the event
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  3. How much did you enjoy this event? (Scale 1-10)
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