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  3. Is the clutch claw a good addition to Monster Hunter?

User Info: Araito

1 month ago#1
Do you like the clutch claw as a mechanic?

The poll to end it all begins. I’ll keep this alive as long as I can.

You can, of course, elaborate on your decision in the comments.

I’m indifferent about it. It’s a mechanic, I use it as it was intended. It can feel nice to get flinch shots in at precise opportunities but I think the wounding mechanic needs more fleshing out.
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User Info: SpinKirby

1 month ago#2
N o p e
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User Info: Ki_cat_

1 month ago#3
Nope. It's gimmicky at best and not that well thought out. I'd rather arts return.
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User Info: orBhsiF

1 month ago#4
Hard no.
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User Info: darealest47

1 month ago#5
Hell no
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User Info: KariyaLollipop

1 month ago#6
Big no. Having to stop every couple of minutes to weaken a part or slam a monster into a wall breaks the flow. It also forces every monster to have the same stagger animation where they stare at you angrily/cluelessly, their head hanging low, and that's the death of immersion.
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User Info: Solid_Seb

1 month ago#7
For some weapons its fine, though even with a weapon that works well with it, its still super annoying to have to weaken. Its typically slow and you'll likely get knocked off during normal fighting. Really the only smart time to do it is when you have them locked in some animation, which of course means you waste some big dps chances only to have them charge off as soon as you finish.

Light weapons have it worse, since they have to waste twice as much time using it to get the same effect.

There are some cool aspects, wall slams are fun and not really invasive to normal play, and it can be used to dodge attacks in a flashy way sometimes. Tbh just do away with the nearly mandatory weakening aspect and it would be kinda fun. Or make weakening do smaller bonus damage instead of game changingly huge damage.

User Info: Rhiethreal

1 month ago#8
It has amazing potential, but it is garbage as implemented currently.

User Info: potatocharlie

1 month ago#9
It's become such a central point of combat and it is incredibly underwhelming.

I find it wildly inaccurate and distracting.

I hate that it is linked to Weakness Exploit. It's required to make certain builds work optimally.

Some of its features are cool like Flinch Shots and the idea of being able to weaken parts is certainly interesting, but it is implemented so poorly. The fast paced intense combat of MHW is totally killed by this whole run and chase and look in the corner for red or yellow and oh I shot at the head but flew to the wing..

Fix it, mitigate its importance or remove it entirely/make it an optional tool.
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User Info: Deaga

1 month ago#10
As someone who was pretty hyped about the Clutch Claw before release, I'm pretty sad to admit that, the more I play IB, the more I dislike the Clutch Claw as a mechanic. Claggers feel way too shoved in your face to give chances to use the claw, there's the bugs with clawing to the wrong hitzones and it's pretty hit or miss on whether you can use CC attacks on monsters outside of claggers (stuff like Velkhana is CC bait, good luck using CC on Tigrex outside of claggers, etc).

Since Capcom is hellbent on introducing some mechanics on a generation to just delete said mechanics on the following generation, hopefully the clutch claw does not make a return in MH6. If it must return, hopefully it works a lot better, at least.
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