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  3. What new weapon class do you want in MHW2?

User Info: Syferonik

3 weeks ago#1
My vote goes for Scythes. Burial Blade in Bloodborne is the kind of thing i'd like to see, but maybe slower to balance its damage, which should be high, with high crit multiplier.

User Info: SilverHawke27

3 weeks ago#2
Scythe might be interesting. But yeah, it'd be a slow ass weapon, just like the other big weapons.

I'd rather see something with more oriental flair to it.

A Kusarigama could be really good as another light weapon. It would offer greatly varied attacks.

Hold the kama in one hand for attacking with melee swipes, while twirling the heavy weight at the end to launch out with KO inducing blunt attacks.

Pull off a special mount move where you use the kusari chain around the monsters throat (if possible), that grants a decreased stamina reduction while mounted. Maybe let it trip monsters more effectively or the like.

It would definitely make for a useful technical weapon, if they did it right.

The metal/ore tree could be the full kusarigama, while the bone/blunt tree could be just a kusari-fundo, with metal weights on both ends, rather than a sharp kama.
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User Info: Redguy99

3 weeks ago#3
I want a knuckle/fist type weapon.

User Info: potatocharlie

3 weeks ago#4
Tonfa, Bare Hands, Whip or Nunchaku, Staff (like a glaive without the bug), Shuriken (ranged)
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User Info: Tiro

3 weeks ago#5
I'd be happy if the brought back the bowgun system from Tri.

User Info: Zennou

3 weeks ago#6
I wasn't paying attention to it so I missed when it came out, but Dauntless pretty much added the exact Fist weapon I wanted in Monster Hunter.
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User Info: prsboys

3 weeks ago#7
Just take the Tonfas and Magnet Spike from Frontier since it's shutting down anyways.
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User Info: Kipp94

3 weeks ago#8
Just remember we could've had a new weapon in Iceborne if Tokuda had made an actually balanced base game.
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User Info: DaSnackBandit

3 weeks ago#9
I still wanna see a big boomerang. Bladed or blunt depending on tree, combining melee with ranged.
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User Info: arathiel12

3 weeks ago#10
Scythe and whip seems like a really solid idea

Any sort of morphing weapon is also a plus, gunlance, charge blade, switch axe are already implemented but I would really like to see a spear setup. You could throw it if needed and latch to it somehow
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  3. What new weapon class do you want in MHW2?
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