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User Info: Robertn__07

1 week ago#1
Downloading right now!
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User Info: N-WGIX

1 week ago#2
Me too.

User Info: Caroniver

1 week ago#3
Is Geology fixed?
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User Info: SilverHawke27

1 week ago#4
Not working on the East Coast, still saying it's latest version for me at 10.12.
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User Info: Jesserae

1 week ago#5
Not up in Aus
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User Info: kanon951

1 week ago#6
Not showing for me.

User Info: TrustyPeaches

1 week ago#7
Do a “Check for Updates” lads.
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User Info: VetisTheWicked

1 week ago#8
No it isn't
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User Info: kanon951

1 week ago#9
I restarted my Ps4 and is now showing up.

User Info: Jaegon

1 week ago#10
done downloading, copying takes ages for whatever reasons
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