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User Info: nuke2099

1 week ago#21
Win_Zh0u posted...
NicoNico posted...
Do anyone have a pic of the Rajang HBG?

never play gunner, is that rajang hbg??

looks like some of rajang weapon is following its old design

That's it's LBG....

Rajang has never had a HBG but 5th gen might present the first one.
Gamertag: Nuke2099

User Info: Ad-vice

1 week ago#22
I was hoping for something more like this:

If they go the Scarred Yain Garuga route for Furious Rajang in TGL (if he's in) then it probably won't have its own armor set. :(

User Info: TrueArchery

1 week ago#23
There is no rajang hbg afaik, only the lbg

User Info: shuma

1 week ago#24
Looks good. This update is going to be great

User Info: KingofDungPie

1 week ago#25
The female armor looks awful. Disappointing but we have more layered options now if the skills are good.
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User Info: TEzeon431

1 week ago#26
I like the Palico gear
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User Info: thetraveler

1 week ago#27
MightyBaconX posted...
The beta looks good, but realistically, unless you're a filthy fashion hunter, you're just gonna be using certain part/s of the armor. Also, you probably have some kind of layered armor set right now that you use to cover up bad looking sets anyways. I know I do.

Same. This will be hidden once I canlayer the new radabann set.
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User Info: thetraveler

1 week ago#28
_Angel_ posted...
thetraveler posted...
Not gunna lie. I had to do a double take before I realized which hunter was hte female. Once again, Capcom afraid to make attractive female armor that also looks badass.

You mean a micro bikini that has 850 defense yeah

Never asked for bikinis armor. Way to overreact. Previous games have better looking female armors. Kirin armors are a compromise I can accept. Not the Mr versions though. The coats don't look good.
I like the cut of your jib.

User Info: MMX377

1 week ago#29
"Witness me...!"

*gets self-destructed*
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User Info: Akuzuma

1 week ago#30
The mask ruined it
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