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  3. 145 dragonvein solidbones later at the melder, I got 4 rarity 11 decorations

User Info: JustinMeme

1 week ago#11
SlyGamer1979 posted...
I'd just suggest grabbing whatever tempered investigations and grind them for decos.
hell i'm grinding threat 2 & 3 for decos and crowns at the same time so at some point i'll get this s*** done sooner or later lol.

Yeah, I only did 1 more meld (whatever the highest level is) since I made this topic and I got 2 garbage level 1 decos and a Maximum Might deco.

I'm just grinding tempered investigations.
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User Info: Archwing3441

1 week ago#12
JustinMeme posted...
Xanoe_rules posted...
It’s not. “Activates easier.” at level 7 is IIRC 150 damage/4.5 minutes vs 180 damage/5 minutes normally. I think it might last 120 seconds instead 90 too? I don’t remember exactly but in any case it’s still bad.

I would love to use LP7 if it was like 120/3minutes, even if it kept the 90 second active time. I’m just bad enough that I could take advantage of it regularly, plus I like the Zinny armor.

I think the biggest case for using Latent Power is making every second of the time that it is active count. One of the best weapons in the game at dishing out damage at weakpoints and never letting up is the Bow. Stamina consumption being HUGELY reduced during Latent Power being active is also another boon for the Bow.

I'm no bow pro and from what I've read, the best meta bow builds are pretty set in stone at the moment, but I wonder if Latent Power of all things could be the thing to make a difference.

It would be an extremely gimmicky set running it with bow. While you take a lot of damage, you’re at risk of dying just triggering the power. Your set is stuck being zinogre velkhana since there is absolutely no reason to run all the crit without crit element for bow.
The set would have very little slots, so you’ll struggle getting critical eye 7 since none if the pieces innately gets it, while zinogre and velkhana don’t have that many slots. You’ll probably end up ditching the skill for the most part.

User Info: Wrrlbow

1 week ago#13
Elder melder is trash, in general, imo.
I trade for items I'm too lazy to make/grind for, but the decorations are a rip.
The warrior/hero streamstones I grinded for before iceborne was released and they were made obsolete are still sitting in my box, because I'd rather throw them away than give them to that old witch.
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  3. 145 dragonvein solidbones later at the melder, I got 4 rarity 11 decorations
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