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User Info: NidhoggrG

1 month ago#31
I have a character in the same hunter rank as my wife's character which I use to do the main story with her, and the hunts wont take us more than 30 mins. She cant clutch claw yet. I do it 3 times in each fight. I dont abuse with it (talking about slamming the monster at the walls) . That character does not have anything. No temporal mantle, or the rocksteady mantle. My cat does not have any gadget. Its just a character I use when I play with her.

The monsters in Iceborne have larger HP than the nintendo's Monster Hunters, that is clear. But it make us remember when we played Monster hunter Freedom Unite just the two of us. Some of the fights took us almost the entire 50 minutes.... but we were noobs, still learning at that time.

User Info: TEzeon431

1 month ago#32
There's no reason at all why you should be timing out. If this is happening, its because you are using builds that don't do enough damage.
Great job, Jeremy.

User Info: Miss_Chen

1 month ago#33
DespondentDeity posted...
You and your gf suck and are noobs.

What a meanie lol
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User Info: Sysoth

1 month ago#34
LethalLala posted...
Ive seen the other threads but ive been playing since freedom unite. My gf has been playing since XX and generations ultimate as well. We've never timed out on a quest in aXx/GU. We finished nightshade with 15 seconds left and timed out on Barioth as he limped away. We got the starter master rank weapons.

Do iceborne monsters have inflated HP compared to other games?

Thats what i've been saying.made a thread about it but it just attracted the kind of people"this is g rank shouldn't have bought it then".
I still kill most monsters without much trouble but it just takes to long for my taste.Spongy sponges alright.

User Info: thetraveler

1 month ago#35
Snazzy21 posted...
If it helps, the initial shock of the massive health boosts does even out as you go. The first monsters maybe have a bit too much but later on you should be getting times around 10 to 20 mins. Ive started getting quite a few monsters on sub 10 and a couple sub 5 and im only MR 64.
10 minutes? EHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!??????????????? how the hell is that even possible without rocksteady and evasion mantles. both of which I do not have. No clue really how to get them either aside from hunting tempered or is it AT monsters. No clue which ones i've hunted either. I know I did a few.
I like the cut of your jib.

User Info: LethalLala

1 month ago#36
EmoBanger69 posted...
It shouldn't take 40+ mins for a hunt, let alone nightshade.

What weapons are you using? Are you using the clutch claw, flash pods? What's your build? What elements are your weapons?

I know you said you aren't noobs but be honest here... are you any good tho? What was your average Tempered or Arch Tempered hunt times before Iceborne?

I was running swaxe with attack 6, crit eye, fortify, crit eye 2. I dont remember my exact setup and my gf had attck 7, negate sleep, crit eye, handicraft 2 with dbs. I switched to bow (not very proficient but got the job done) that thing flies too much.

Ive just never felt such a spike in difficulty before. I'm no pro, but it usually takes me around 20-25 for a G-rank hunt in 3U, 4U, and GU.

User Info: roxlimn

1 month ago#37
Wow. And here I was feeling bad for taking 15-20 minutes each hunt to farm Barioth. That's with the R9 Saber Maw1 basic MR Great Jagras weapon.

And early Master Rank armor, too, so I didn't even run Weakness Exploit. I had Focus 3, Artillery 3, and Crit Eye 5 or 6. That was it. Of course I specced Ice Res 3. Never knew that people were getting annoyed by the status. Apparently my Resistance fetish has been protecting me more than I knew.

I'm not sure what to advise. I normally tell people to be conservative, but if you're timing out, even soloing a duo quest, you need to be more aggressive.


User Info: VIIVincent

1 month ago#38
I've solo'd MR hunts and take around 20-30 minutes if I'm casually gathering otherwise I shave off another 3-7 minutes by just going for the kill. MR6/HR51/200 hours and still using Wyvern Impact and just got my Barioth sns rarity 10. New hate for this a****** btw.

1. Your damage is too low for MR. I hit 433 on Glavenous' head with my great sword slash. That's low and on the final hit.
2. Your not using decorations to help status effects. That lv7 affinity is useless when you get bombarded with stun/sleep/etc. I'm no pro and I get whacked around too.
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User Info: Immature_Sage

1 month ago#39
Oh, so it’s natural to take on average of 15 minutes per hunt. I thought I was doing something wrong, even with all the cheap shot claw attacks.

Still, I should not be surprised, I played G-rank in 4U and that was more or less the time with gear and builds for a casual like myself. Been so long I nearly forgot.

Then again, some fights can feel like they drag on and on. Uragaan, for example, still makes me let out a big Ugh! every time I gotta hunt him.
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User Info: Behemothshell

1 month ago#40
Kind of depends on your weapons and attack frequency too. The monsters are more mobile so less time to punish. Small damage weapons also fall off with the diminishing status effects too.
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