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User Info: CheaterMcCheat

4 weeks ago#11
I've only just started guiding lands but here's my build so far

Inescapable Karma 2x Vitality no augment yet
Jagras Helm a Tenderizer
Damascus Mail B+ Tenderizer, Charger, Attack
Uragaan Vambraces B+ Tenderizer
Uragaan Coul a+ Elementless, Attack
Uragaan Greaves B+ Magazine, Vitality
Artillery Charm

I'm aware you only need two pieces of Uragaan for set bonus, consider the greaves a placeholder for now, they're going to be replaced with Garuga which will be slotted with Ironwall level 4 gem, which will allow me to keep Guard 5 and have more affinity.

Atm I have

Guard 5
Attack Boost 4
Health Boost 3
Weakness Exploit 3
Focus 3
Artillery 3
Speed Eating 2
Iron Skin 1
Partbreaker 1
Capacity Boost
Non-Elemental Boost
Guard Up from Uragaan 2 piece set

I can Block and Guard Point EVERYTHING so far. I got caught in Sharas beam, I just blocked it. The whole thing. With a charged shield ofc. Guard 5 feels fantastic.

Tell me what you think I'm grinding MR now cause I want Luna Eostre.

User Info: SilverClock

4 weeks ago#12
That is great info, thank you Pyro! I'll work my way up to getting the Shara CB. I heard the mantles were a pain so that might be a while. Hopefully not though.
Bludgeoner did strike me as niche from how little I heard about it when I was active playing World, vs other skills. You're probably right. I'll put more concentration on crit, especially if Artillery 5 isn't necessary and I can swap in those legs.

Elemental SAED, unwieldy in what way? Like the spread is janky? I used elemental very little in World. Those are some pretty appealing damage numbers on Diablos. I'd love to eventually have elemental builds for various monsters, especially after the elemental damage buffs in IB. Velkhana in particular because I have the most trouble with it currently.
I'll keep an eye out for the namielle build (or really any elemental builds lol.)
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User Info: PhantomW1zard

4 weeks ago#13
At MR 49 right now, here's the build I'm rocking:

Weapon - The Melting Grasp -> Non-Elemental Boost Jewel 2
Head - Fulgur Anja Beta -> Offensive Guard/Attack Jewel 4; Tenderizer Jewel 2
Chest - Damascus Beta -> Offensive Guard/Crit Eye Jewel 4, Magazine Jewel 2; Crit Eye Jewel 1
Arms - Damascus Beta -> Ironwall Jewel 4; Artillery Jewel 1
Waist - Damascus Beta -> Offensive Guard/Handicraft Jewel 4; Tenderizer Jewel 2; Ironwall Jewel 1
Legs - Glavenus Beta -> Artillery Jewel 4
Charm - Attack 3


Handicraft 5
Attack 4
Focus 3
WE 3
Artillery 3
Offensive Guard 3
Guard 3
Critical Eye 2
Capacity Boost
Non-Elemental Boost

Will replace the legs with Garuga when I get there but I'm liking this build.

User Info: Dagger32

4 weeks ago#14
I love the CB but I am NOT good with it. (Give me an IG or GS and I am golden...)

So I use this rather safe set:

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User Info: TrueArchery

4 weeks ago#15
SilverClock posted...
I'll work my way up to getting the Shara CB. I heard the mantles were a pain so that might be a while. Hopefully not though.

It boils down to breaking the head twice. Check this out:

Elemental SAED, unwieldy in what way? Like the spread is janky?


And Bludgeoner really isn't worth it.
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User Info: Man_the_kraut

4 weeks ago#16
nokillingmoths posted...
Is zora stuff that good in MR?

It's good if you need artillery 5, slots are kinda okay.

User Info: KingofDungPie

4 weeks ago#17
Is Shara CB better than gold ian?
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User Info: potatocharlie

4 weeks ago#18
KingofDungPie posted...
Is Shara CB better than gold ian?

No. Gold is pretty much best. Slightly lower attack then Acidic Glav with non-elem boost, but way better sharpness, comes with a high poison stat too.

I'd go Fulgur Anja Head, maybe Kirin a Chest, Teo gloves, Damascus Coil and crazy bird legs.

WEx, Crit Eye, Focus, Artillery, Razor Sharp Charm and after that the rest is up to you.
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User Info: chukkyjr

4 weeks ago#19
I forgot a bit, does sharpness affect impact/element phial explosion now? Seems people are looking for purples / long whites in CB now

And did capcom nerf CB shield ? Previously 1 point in guard seems suffice when shield is charged and GP to do S/AED counter, but it seems i need guard 3 now for a lot of things

User Info: ineedsearch

4 weeks ago#20
Impact phials should still be purely raw or artillery based unless they changed something
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