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User Info: ZetaStriker

4 weeks ago#1
In case anyone didn't notice it themselves, in addition to having the best uptime for extra decorations, Glider mantle lets you do mounting attacks anywhere with any weapon. Clutch claw a monster, immediately hit X to jump off, and the Glider will activate as if you'd jumped. You can then to an aerial mounting attack. This lets any weapon mount anything anywhere, including Shara Ishvalda.

User Info: MMX377

4 weeks ago#2
It's a bird!

No, it's an airplane

No, it's....

Monster Hunter!!!
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User Info: SolidSnakeCamo

4 weeks ago#3
I do in fact like this information my good sir~!
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User Info: Unbound-King

4 weeks ago#4
With Dual Blades you get the option to go into DM while you're in the air and Beyblade across a moonstar.
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User Info: Apollo500

4 weeks ago#5
Ooh, I'm gonna seriously consider that.

And... Shara can be mounted?!
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User Info: game_wiz101

4 weeks ago#6
Apollo500 posted...
Ooh, I'm gonna seriously consider that.

And... Shara can be mounted?!

Yep. You can also mount when rocky.
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User Info: TEzeon431

4 weeks ago#7
Yeah, I noticed this when I was testing DBs

Useful when I'm not using Bows
Great job, Jeremy.

User Info: AtomicArtumas

4 weeks ago#8
...I might have to start doing this in TGL with how incompetent randoms are at knocking things like Legi out of the sky.... Sometimes I hate being a DB main lol.
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User Info: Caroniver

4 weeks ago#9
Apollo500 posted...
Ooh, I'm gonna seriously consider that.

And... Shara can be mounted?!

I'm honestly not surprised. What surprised me is that Xeno can't. Honestly, we mounted Gog in 4U, and we can mount Kulve in World. I don't see why they thought Xeno was too big.
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User Info: Matek2004

4 weeks ago#10
And it works very well with Shara's Gear.
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