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User Info: mnowicki091

1 month ago#1
For those of you who don't really have much of a 'main' weapon and who like to play all the weapons a little bit, which ones have you found to be the most fun in Iceborne?

I used to use chargeblade occasionally but it wasn't one of my favorites, but fighting IB monsters with it has been awesome. I get tired of using the same weapon too long though so I'm looking to switch it up and wanna know what weapons you guys find fun and why. I'm thinking about Hammer, GS, LS, or maybe light/heavy bowgun. Bowguns were the only weapons I never used. Also Bow used to be my most used weapon but I haven't had much desire to use it in IB(mostly because I usually play PC and controller sucks for Bow IMO). Any Bow users have any comments about how it is in Iceborne?

User Info: saxrohmer

1 month ago#2
Im having a BLAST using the lbg right now in iceborne. They added a few new mods, the most fun being dodge reload. Along with easy spareshot access, you just scoot around and barely stop firing.
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User Info: valikkster

1 month ago#3
Simply adding powered axe and the new fade slash/ wild swing flinch shot evade to the SA has made it tremendously more fun for me.

User Info: _TSC_

1 month ago#4
Most fun weapon: My weapon
Least fun weapon: Yours

User Info: tiathecat

1 month ago#5
_TSC_ posted...
Most fun weapon: My weapon
Least fun weapon: Yours

Very much this. Try everything, one person's favourite might just not click for another person.

User Info: ssbmrocks

1 month ago#6
I’m still having fun with the IG. Now we can power up kinsects with slinger ammo, and if you use monster ammo, the bug leaves way more dust than normal, meaning I can proc lots of explosions with the orange dust, and it’s satisfying as hell. Helps with status dust procs too, I can proc a few status effects over a hunt without even bringing a status weapon.
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User Info: scaler24

1 month ago#7
Lance is ridiculously fun with the new Counter Claw. The only thing Lance was missing was a way to get out of a situation where you were cornered.

That and I also get to have Guard Up for free, so no more farming for the damn Shield Jewel.
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User Info: ilikefords

1 month ago#8
Hammer. With the increased stun, running 4 hammers is hilarious.
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