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  3. "Slider" gen, or Affinity Sliding good?

User Info: TrustyPeaches

4 days ago#1
On paper this seems extremely good for a 2 slot gem.

30% affinity for what seems like 12+ second after sliding for less than a second. You don’t have to commit to a sliding attack. That’s seems very very strong.

At least 50% of the “arenas” you fight monsters in have easy to access “slideable” surfaces, and the generous duration means you can proc it while avoiding a monsters attacks or making space and still capitalize.

Am I missing something here? Is there something that makes this gem worse than it seems?
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User Info: Grand Kirby

Grand Kirby
4 days ago#2
Basically depends on where you fight and what weapon you're using.

It's completely useless in the Special Arena for example. And it's not like Lance will make use of it. But if you're say, using Hammer on that big hill in the regular Arena... hoo boy.
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User Info: SilverHawke27

4 days ago#3
Yeah, essentially if you in flat areas it's a wasted slot. So it depends on what you hunt and where you hunt it.
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User Info: roxlimn

4 days ago#4
It's one of those things that's very, very good when you have the environment to abuse it. Legiana hunt? Yep. Slot that in.

It's especially good now because slots are precious in Master Rank armor. Getting 30% Affinity for a 2 slot is great!

But it's context specific so you won't find it in meta sets. Which is why you don't use meta sets. They're a base to work from, at best.
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