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User Info: BoneArcher

1 week ago#1
...a f***ing empty steelbook?!?! I was super excited to take the game home Thursday night and play it immediately after leaving my local Gamestop's prerelease. I get home, open the case and it's empty. TF?!? I mean, there was a digital code, I get it, but seriously? I bought the steelbook because I ENJOY the art of actually collecting PHYSICAL things. IMO traditional>digital. My problem is, why would they even bother making the steelbook an option if they weren't going to put a disk in it?

My other complaint is that my OG MH disc was at my GF's, so I didn't even get to play it until this weekend. :(

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User Info: ilikefords

1 week ago#2
So it almost took you a week to make this topic?
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User Info: XCrimsonSamurai

1 week ago#3
So put your MHW disc in your new steelbook? I don't see the problem.

User Info: Thundar

1 week ago#4
Wow, maybe check which version of the game you are ordering before throwing a rage fit that you apparently purchased the wrong version. My steelcase came with a MHW/Iceborne disc because that's what I ordered.
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User Info: potatocharlie

1 week ago#5
Haha 70 dollars down the drain.
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User Info: srepucane

6 days ago#6
Sounds to me like Gamestop messed up and gave you someone else's order and they probably got yours. I would take it back to Gamestop and see about getting the physical copy that you ordered.

User Info: tokerblue

6 days ago#7
The Deluxe version has the physical game. Did you not check the differences between the versions before buying IB?
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User Info: rabidpiano86

6 days ago#8
Fools are easily separated from their money. Probably shouldn't buy useless overpriced fluff in the future.

User Info: ToastedSal

6 days ago#9
Gamestop gave me the Master Edition(MHW+Iceborne on disk), at first I was miffed cause $20 extra.

But then I sold my original copy of world to some idiot on my campus for $60 so lmao.
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User Info: BoneArcher

6 days ago#10
So wait, it was supposed to come with a disc? TF?
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