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  3. Do you have a full time job and playing Iceborne?

User Info: Second_Hokage

1 week ago#1
I am currently between that weird space between recently graduating college and looking for a job, so i have lots of free time right now. Even with all that free time, it still feels like 6-8 hours just fly by on a handful of quests.

How do you do it? How do you balance your hype and desire to play iceborne and having a full time job?

User Info: sion4ever

1 week ago#2

User Info: UragaanaDie

1 week ago#3
Get in at 6pm, boot it up, eat dinner, start playing at 6:30, stop at 9 or 10. Gamefaqs during my breaks avoiding any/all spoilers.
I played it all Friday night and Saturday so sated my desire for the most part. That said I played until 11pm last night farming acidic glavenus for a mantle, if it hadn't dropped on the last investigation idk if I'd have stopped or snuck in one more run.
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User Info: OldNick

1 week ago#4
well there's 2 options really
1. Vacations
2. 3 hours sleeping per night

User Info: DerMaertyrer

1 week ago#5
I'm working fulltime as a webdesigner.

I usually get hpme at 6pm. I usually play up to 9pm. do a good 1-2 hours a day.

Its bearable. I am looking forward to each weekend tho.
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User Info: moseph187

1 week ago#6
Get on after work at about 5:30-6 play for a couple of hours then take about an hour break for dinner/shower then a couple more hours before bed.

I don’t work weekends so spend pretty much all day playing.
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User Info: Aescenarion

1 week ago#7
Small business and a family to take care of. Means I am just now getting to Viper. Yeah it can suck time wise.

User Info: zyntax1990

1 week ago#8
I'm a software developer (full time) and also have a family. I have always had my gaming schedules, e.g. now I usually game from 8-10pm on weekdays if I have time, otherwise I game on weekends very late in the evening.
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User Info: Sonsaru

1 week ago#9
I have 3 kids and generally work 12 hours a day at the moment, including at weekends. I checked my time today and I’ve done about 60 hours since release.

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User Info: psoRanger

1 week ago#10
Pretty much like everyone else. 9-5er and then like 2hours of play. Not getting much done.
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