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  3. They better NOT have a story for the next MH if it stays this bad.

User Info: DarkKirby2500

1 week ago#21
Instead of the Handler I want a full game's story of Guildmarm trying to woo Brachydios.
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User Info: RoadRollerGuy

1 week ago#22
>Be me
>The greatest hunter of the fleet
>Saved a goofy woman several times
>Said woman ALWAYS ran into monster
>Me beat those big bads over and over and over and over and over and over...
>That's it, story of Monster Hunter.
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User Info: UragaanaDie

1 week ago#23
HappyUnicorn101 posted...
We can meat up IRL and hopefully I can straighten you out.
Is this a proposition?
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User Info: NavrosOL2

1 week ago#24
Playing mh for the story? FILTHY casual!!

User Info: Iron-Warrior

1 week ago#25
valikkster posted...
The story is actually terrible.

What's worse is the handler. Every, single, line, that she has is Jim Carey levels of over the top, missed cue evolution that doesn't belong. All the men in the game just come off as stupid, which is fine. But the handler... my god. Her writing, in particular is ATROCIOUS. Someone said it earlier, but it does literally feel like an 8 year old wrote this story and the handler.

Are you just forcing yourself to play the game now? Most comments I see from you here makes you come off as being absolutely dissapointed with this expansion.

User Info: Semeki

1 week ago#26
Gamemaster64 posted...
LordFarquad1312 posted...
MH has a story?

they all do. Just simplistic beat monster that causing or before it cause some havoc that endangers the world/local area.

don't think there been any that man/wyverian made though like some weird experimentation or breading some ultimate beast.

This would be a fun interesting subject. Now that they introduced Bio energy, they can definitely take on a more scientific modern approach. Not that it's ever gonna happen :/ it's why Frenzy virus and Shagaru was fun and interesting story
The darkest shadows are cast by the brightest light.

User Info: Tyranidomega

1 week ago#27
Kipp94 posted...
I just hate how every single monster has to have a story reason for being there. I guess not really hate, just not a fan.
I agree, only because it has the fandom coming up with nonsensical reasons for why some old monsters can't return. Take Gore/Shagaru, who apparently can't be in future MH games anymore unless the entire Frenzy virus story from 4/4U is retold.
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User Info: Antfunk

1 week ago#28
He is just bi***ing on the handler to try and get more people to support his weak post.

For me the handler is fine. Having played pretty much every Mh this was the best story pretty much which in large part is due to some really good monster fight cut scenes :)! You basically get to see extended and more intricate turf wars.

I just feel sorry for these kinds of people rolls who have nothing better to do.

User Info: ArgoSexyMan

1 week ago#29
They can keep the s***ty story. Just give me an option to skip the cutscenes on first viewing
Baraka Kahn

User Info: DaSnackBandit

1 week ago#30
Sprinkling fantasy elements into the story is what made it less interesting to me. Tying the plot's progression to things like old legends, or destiny or whatever took too much away from the research side of things. I'd have been more invested if we had followed a band of competently written characters investigating a new ecosystem and just having it go from there -- no overarching plot about an everstream or monsters being manipulated by unseen force.

Thankfully gameplay takes precedence over story.
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  3. They better NOT have a story for the next MH if it stays this bad.
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