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  3. This game has the clunkiest controls of all third person action games

User Info: thebestestbest

1 month ago#1
Bayonetta, astral chain, devil may cry, soulslikes all make this game look like a clunky, dated mess of mechanics that don't work properly together and create an overall frustrating experience instead of a fun one.

The overlapping button inputs, odd cancel windows, clunky unresponsive stances, it's such a mess.

User Info: Baha05

1 month ago#2
Uhhh no?
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User Info: Dragonblade01

1 month ago#3
Idk what you're talking about man.

When I press a button, it starts immediately and I know exactly when it's going to hit. Sounds pretty responsive to me.

User Info: dexter1984

1 month ago#4
Sony portable claw would like a chat with you.

User Info: Sirk

1 month ago#5
dexter1984 posted...
Sony portable claw would like a chat with you.

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User Info: TEzeon431

1 month ago#6
That's kind of the point. You are supposed to feel weak and pathetic compared to the monsters.
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User Info: thehauntedpc

1 month ago#7
I believe you might enjoy the more fluid combat of something like Prince of Persia: Sands of Time or the Spiderman game on PS4.

Monster Hunter is, and always will be known for its controls. Button mashing will get you nowhere, you need to exercise control and precision. You're hunting a giant, fire spewing, sleep gas belching, tsunami causing, electric powered monster - not punching some little bag guy in the face.

Miss press a button and you will be punished with a fireball to the face. At least it's not like the first one where they mapped the weapon controls to the right analogue stick and had you controlling the camera with the direction pad!

User Info: RemakeMe

1 month ago#8
I kind of thought so at first, but plays rather well when you actually learn your weapon.

What i like different about MH vs Soulesque combat. Is that each weapon feels more in tune as a fighting game character. You have to learn how to use your character properly to make it feel right.

You don't play Tekken or Street Fighter and say the combat is clunky. You can mash your way and not be optima but you need to actually learn how to combo properly, when moves are safe to use, and how to move in on your opponent.
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User Info: Vhanzy

1 month ago#9

User Info: Ryox98

1 month ago#10
It’s not a character action game, if anything the combat is more like Dark Souls than the first games you listed
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  3. This game has the clunkiest controls of all third person action games
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