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User Info: pokerealm

6 days ago#1
So I've been playing MH games since 3U, never missed a title since. I have solo'd all of G Rank in 3U, 4U and GU including the final bosses.

In World, however, I kinda stopped playing after the main story. I did some Tempered investigations and farmed Jho for some of it's weapons, but I barely fought any TEDs and never any ATs. I don't have Drachen armor or Kjarr weapons. I mostly played GU in the past months.

I went into IB with my Diablos CB and Divine Slasher LS, the 2 weapons I used the most in World.

Beotodus and Banbaro went fine, I had some trouble with the controls and mechanics compared to GU, but I never really got into trouble.

Then Viper came along, and boy wasn't I ready for him! His attacks took away half of my HP and I had a lot of problems adapting to his movements. Got poisoned all the time and literally carted 6 times before it went down.

It felt like going into a G Rank game for the very first time again, and to honest, it felt awesome! When I solo'd the other 3 games, I was so used to those games, the transition was way easier for me. I knew what I was doing with the weapons I used.

This time around, heavily undergeared and kinda stranged out on how World works and plays, it's like a whole new experience!

I decided to just get the Great Jagras gear, gem in the most useful decos I had (which of course, aren't that interesting) and everything goes a lot smoother now. I farmed Viper after gemming in Negate Poison just to get familiar with the game a bit faster (and to make his LS). Even though I gave up a little attack power, not having to heal every few seconds did wonders.

Long story short: even for an 'experienced' player, the game can feel really challenging when not having base World endgame gear. It makes for an amazing and fresh experience and I finally feel like I really have to work to get where I want!
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User Info: definitiondeny

6 days ago#2
Viper Tobi is a pushover, slot 3 antidote gems and he cant do anything at all.
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User Info: pokerealm

6 days ago#3
definitiondeny posted...
Viper Tobi is a pushover, slot 3 antidote gems and he cant do anything at all.

Well yeah, I kinda mentioned that :)

User Info: VagrantGlass

6 days ago#4
Awesome stuff, I hope you continue to have a great time with IB. I just hit the final boss and I've had some very interesting and surprising encounters myself, I'm new to the MH series though. But yeah, Viper is still one of my favourite fights, as was Tobi in world.

I got through with Bone Armor, didn't need to slot in antidote gems however, Lance main.

User Info: Butt

6 days ago#5
I had the same experience. I felt like an amnesiac starting up this game again too.
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User Info: potatocharlie

6 days ago#6
Gunlance and Poison Res charm melted him quite comfortably.


That's me!
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User Info: dantemundus81

6 days ago#7
Some of the variants/subspecies in this game are amazing. I had the same problem with Viper, the poison ate through my health so fast I just couldn’t keep up. Then I learned when and where viper would fire those quills and was able to dodge/counter pretty much every time. Great fight.

Coral Pukei is another fantastic addition. Initially I thought it wouldn’t be much different from the original, and was not expecting much. Then it started firing water cannons out of its tail AND it’s mouth. Such an awesome fight!
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User Info: synklare

6 days ago#8
I was lucky not to cart against him on the first encounter. For some reason I had no farcaster nor any form of antidote so had to rely on the health augment on TSF to fight through the pain a decent amount.

Managed to find some antidote herb mid fight and made some.

Enjoyable fight first time around. Fought him again since and had less of an issue after going for poison resist. Still fun to fight, more so than blue tobi.
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User Info: copaco

6 days ago#9
I thought the cutscene with him was really cool. The first moment you see him is really badass. For being a variant of tobi he really looks different.

Oh, and I also had no antidotes and it made the fight rather interesting. At one point I was poisoned, was at about 2/3rds of full 200 health, and had just put on the vitality mantle. Viper did some tail move that killed me in one shot. That was my only cart but that was a rough fight. Definitely gonna slot poison resist for the next fight and imagine it should be pretty easy then.

User Info: fisheye11

4 days ago#10
Came across him on the expedition. Completely wrecked me. I had some herbal meds on me, but I wasn't prepared to get poisoned with every hit. Going to craft some new gear with poison res and do it's quest.
PSN: fisheye11
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