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  3. All the armor is good honestly. Stop with all the complaining.

User Info: OmniImmortal

1 week ago#1
Been playing since MHTri, and really this is typical MH I feel. You get some nice skills here and there, generally full sets are a bit of a mess and mixed sets are always best in the end, but honestly the base stuff I've still been finding to be pretty neat and expected.

Feels like I came into this board and so many are going wahhhh my armor doesnt give me +1000 attack and 100% affinity. My weapon doesnt play the game for me and kills the monsters... this isnt right giant monsters shouldnt have so much hp and take time+effort to kill...

I mean, a little bit of exaggeration, but still. Its why i avoided this board cuz i also expected as much

User Info: SpinKirby

1 week ago#2
People just go spoiled by Drachen, that's all.

Then there's the transmog crowd. We call suffer here.
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User Info: JunDageki

1 week ago#3
Been playing since MH2 for PSP, these armors are insane, people has no idea how much power and utility they have in their hands.

People's issue is expecting G-Rank to become easy with brain dead skills to carry them. this ain't High Rank bruh.
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User Info: SilverKyousuke

1 week ago#4
Even the Great Jagras armor is pretty damn good! Granted, some sets seem to be full of kinda low tier skills, but for the most part these new armor sets are naisu.
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User Info: synklare

1 week ago#5
Plenty of great pieces with more than enough slots to boot imho. Then again, I didn't care for Behemoth thus never ran Drachen.

I had a 3pc Kaiser + 2pc Kulve which was nice but I'm not exactly missing it atm.
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User Info: arr_me_maytee

1 week ago#6
Gonna be honest, I had sub par High rank armor and beat barioth before deciding to upgrade.

Idk if it's just because I've been with MH since the beginning or if it's because you have so many more options at your disposal, but master rank feels really easy.
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User Info: novelaa

1 week ago#7
welcome to gamfaqs
people enjoying the game are playing it, not whining on the interwebz

User Info: SilverHawke27

1 week ago#8
I've seen a vid of all the male armors. They all look really damned nice.

People are just idiots.

We just have a larger influx of idiots now because all of the randoms and those who abandoned the game are back on the boards. Give it a month or two and they'll be done again, same as before.
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User Info: Scryed

1 week ago#9
novelaa posted...
welcome to gamfaqs
people enjoying the game are playing it, not whining on the interwebz


User Info: ChibiSoma

1 week ago#10
You can get HG Earplugs with 3/5 Beotodus pieces, ffs. It isn't hard to awaken weapons with a mixed chest/gloves combo after that, either. Nothing that requires anything harder than, say, a Rathalos or three. Rathalos is still Rathalos, you just can't chain-stun with flash bombs anymore and your overpowered armor don't mean dick.

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  3. All the armor is good honestly. Stop with all the complaining.
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