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  3. Why are so many of the weapon designs still such garbage?

User Info: drag10

1 week ago#21
DarknessOp3191 posted...
Not an option?

Have you not seen every Monster Hunter game before MHW?
Ignore that guy. He's been trolling around here as a generic weapon design apologist for quite a while.
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User Info: XCrimsonSamurai

1 week ago#22
Pentao posted...
So on my other question regarding the devs, have they ever addressed this in any of their interviews?

I'm not sure. It's been going around that the team that designs weapons is only four people, so they may have said something about that a while back for World when people asked why the designs were the way they are.

I'll tell you what though, you can't look at a single tweet from the official MH twitter without having it flooded by comments about the shoddy weapon designs or lack of layer sets. Their recent "HERE'S WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT ICEBORNE" tweet where it showed all of the review accolades and stuff got comment bombed with pictures of the weapon designs.


User Info: TrueArchery

1 week ago#23
JunDageki posted...
They found out that htey don't need to work on design to sell like crazy.

this guy gets it
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User Info: Black_Fire

1 week ago#24
Some of the choices they made are just bizarre as well. How does glavenus not get the great sword or long sword? How does brachy not get its dual blades?

Its like they threw darts at a board to decide what final designs get in.
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User Info: ilikefords

1 week ago#25
Apparently they only had 4 people working on weapon designs. You would think with a game selling 13 million copies they could hire on more people.
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User Info: LonelyGaruga

1 week ago#26
4 is already plenty tbh.

User Info: _TSC_

1 week ago#27
I love bone and iron weapons, its more realistic than anime trash :)

User Info: RatchetClankO

1 week ago#28
I actually like the Glav-themed weapons for SA.

Yes it's bone with Glav stuff plastered on it,but for me it looks nice.

User Info: Big3D

1 week ago#29
Pentao posted...
Was hoping that iceborne would bring some uniqueness back to the weapons, and I was happy when I saw Blizzarioths back. So it is an improvement in some regards.

... but a bunch of these upgrade paths still are extremely plain, awful designs that are virtually the same across multiple weapon trees, with the only difference being some monster parts haphazardly attached. To make things worse, some of the classic weapon designs got replaced with generics too, like the Brachydios dual blades.

Has anyone from the team working on MHW at least talked about weapon designs to give some insight on why weapon designs suck so much?

My thoughts in a thread only logical sense imho


User Info: ZBug_

1 week ago#30
dmcd93 posted...
Easily the worst thing about world, sad to see they've kept it up.
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  3. Why are so many of the weapon designs still such garbage?
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