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User Info: TorvaMessorem

3 weeks ago#1
Yeah, I apologize in advance as I know it's a staple of the series. But the further I get into this game the more I have to micromanage it seems. You keep getting new tools and facilities everywhere that all require a ton of resources and I feel forced to use them as the HP values of the monsters just seem to skyrocket at some point. For the first half of the game I played without using any of them. But when monsters started taking 45 minutes to kill I realized this was becoming a bit of an issue.

I am having a lot of trouble handling the menus and quickslots when huge monsters are flying past me all the time, often ending up using the wrong item on accident and getting killed. I've played for many hours like this, but it's really frustrating to fight the controls more than the actual monster. And yes, I know, many of you are thinking "just git gud". The reality is that it's not so easy for me. Later on these monsters become ridiculously fast with AoE's all over the place, and I need to remember where the hell I put everything on this quickslot wheel, and then accurately hit it with the analog stick which I mess up a lot.

The fights consist mainly of me uttering the word "f***" a million times, followed by a big *sigh* when I come back and find out I need to go farm materials for all my tools again.

I doubt I'll make it very far into High Rank like this. I played both Toukiden games a lot, which was more braindead to play than this. A bit too braindead. And I wanted a game like this that takes a bit more brainpower to play, but for me right now MHW is kinda pushing it over 9000.

Is there a way to tone it down a bit in terms of resource collecting and limiting the number of items to use during fights?
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User Info: Unbound-King

3 weeks ago#2
Don't give up skeleton.
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User Info: katastrophie

3 weeks ago#3
Make sure to edit your item loadouts to make it as easy as possible to access what you want quickly and save them as an item set. You can edit the radial menus and change the settings so you can click to use the item or just hover over it, I personally put it to click to use. Just make an overall set that you will use on every hunt and you'll eventually get used to where the items are. If you're constantly switching around items then yeah it'll get annoying.

User Info: Jaegon

3 weeks ago#4
Unbound-King posted...
try tongue but hole

User Info: TorvaMessorem

3 weeks ago#5
Unbound-King posted...
Don't give up skeleton.

You know it, I know it, everyone knows it.

Dark Souls 2 was the best souls game.
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User Info: DeadBankerDream

3 weeks ago#6
TorvaMessorem posted...
Dark Souls 2 was the best souls game.
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User Info: SilverHawke27

3 weeks ago#7
For the farm, use your Fertilizer. It's preferable to stick to one of the three categories so you have less to use. Later in you get Soft Soil unlocked, that boosts all other fertilizers when used.

So you use a couple (S) at first to buff to (L) and get more out of it. Then use Soft Soil, which adds like 5 hunts. So you only have to return like every 5 hunts to refresh your fertilizer and harvest all you have so far.

As far as armor, you are probably trying to farm everything, and that's not how you play. Pick a good set, and go until the game gets hard. Then farm what you can at that point to get a better set.

When I was starting in High Rank, I had Zorah Magdaros stuff, Azure Starlord pieces from the event. The Azure Starlord carried me into the Elder's Recess, where I upgraded to a couple Uragaan pieces.

You don't have to farm all the HR monsters, you can skip most of them if you are capable of playing.

Same with weapons. Most weapon categories right now are RAW only. So you want to farm the highest RAW weapon in your category, and that is all you need.

If you use Dual Blades or Bow, you want elemental. There are only 5 elemental Meta craftable items you need. So the rest of the tree is largely superfluous.

This is most definitely NOT like Toukiden. In Toukiden your mitama can empower weapons and make the a meta based on your setup. Here, that doesn't work, so you don't need all of them.

Stick to one main weapon and work from there.

As for the Radial, first change your settings to Click R3, rather than just flicking the R-stick onto it and off to trigger it.

Second, setup a patterned radial that is easy to remember. I use L1 + Face buttons to switch. So I can keep moving while I am popping it up.

Triangle is for Healing.
--Down for Mega Potion
--Down-Left to craft Mega Potion
--Left to use Max Potion
--Up is usually Cool Drink, Astera Jerky, or Antidote, as a situational necessity
--Right can be Ancient Potion

Leaves room for Lifepowder or some others.

Circle is my Traps and Slinger radial.
--Down is for Flash Pods
--Down-Left to craft more Flash Pods
--Left is Mega Barrel Bombs
--Up can be Shock Trap
--Right can be Pitfall Trap
--Up-Left can be Tranq Bombs

That leaves room for a couple to stick Scream Pods, Dung Pods, etc.

Cross is my Buff and Utility radial.
--Down is Whetstone
--Down-Left is Demondrug
--Down-Right is Armorskin

You can then slap in Pills or Powders for quick buffs, throw in a Capture Net or Fishing Rod if you like, Whetfish scales for fast sharpening, whatever.

Square is mostly for premade messages/stickers to quickly say stuff as needed.

Once you get a system like this, it becomes horribly easy to remember where everything is. You won't even need to look at it. Just keep watching the monster, L1, Face button to the right radial, flick the R-stick to what you need, and click R3 to enact it.

It's like, the best damn system ever. I want them to stick this in Conan Exiles and other games.

Edit: Ideally, you setup radials based on WHAT you intend to hunt.

For example:

Bombs + Flash to kill monsters you can flash.
Bombs + Scream to kill monsters like Blos, stick scream pods instead of flash.
Traps + Flash, replace the barrel bombs with traps if you like to conserve space, for all monsters you can trap.
Throw in more healing on some for the difficult monsters.
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User Info: Grand Kirby

Grand Kirby
3 weeks ago#8
For resources, upgrade the Botanical Research tree in Astera by completing the associated optional quests. You can have them grow items for you while you're out question. When fully upgraded, you can grow three types of items every quest and increase the yield using bonus items. The final item prolongs the use of all bonus items, which means if you keep it up you'll get dozens of free items after every quest.

For the radial wheel make sure you edit the options. I vastly prefer setting it so that you switch menus using the face buttons (instead of the dpad, easier to do and you can move around while selecting menus) and setting it so that you click R3 to select items instead of releasing the stick. It's definitely easier than using the scroll bar. Aside from that, edit your wheels so that your important items are in set locations. I like having critical items (like High Potions, and Specialized Tools) on the cardinal directions because they're easier to activate without thinking in those positions. Try grouping together similar items on the same wheel too, like having Traps, Bombs, and Tranquilizers on the same wheel. Or having stat boosting items on another wheel. If you're not using bowguns, completely replace the ammunition wheel with more useful items (even Bow doesn't need the ammo wheel really). Drop items you'll never need to use quickly from the wheel, like the Spit Roast.

Remember that radial wheel edits are saved to item loadouts, so don't forget to save it to every loadout you have *, or else you'll reset it and have to customize it all over again when you select that loadout again.

*Additional tip, have multiple loadouts depending on what enemy you're facing. I recommend at least one generic one, one for Elders that gets rid of traps and Antidotes and includes more crafting materials, one for Diablos that includes screamer pods, one with Jerky for monsters that cause bleeding and Lunastra, and ones for any gunner sets you have. That way you don't have to select the items individually, just pick the one most appropriate for the hunt.
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User Info: MakotoYuri

3 weeks ago#9
you can change the wheel to use the item by pressing X instead of that dumb analog stick thing.
personally i just go through the items the normal way, but i don´t use alot of items either.

don´t forget to upgrade that tree either, you can plant up to 3 things there and fertilizier helps too if you need a bunch quick.

then again i doubt that´s the problem, you taking so long to beat them monster, have you been upgrading your weapon? the right skills on your armor also help.

coming from Toukiden is probably hard, it´s like the easiest Hunter game i played while MH tends to be the hardest

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User Info: jagger_wanderer

3 weeks ago#10
45 minutes per quest? Are you sharpening your weapon since the lower the durability, the less damage you do. There's so much junk on the map to pick up while running around fighting or chasing after monsters. Start making habits to pick up anything you come across. There's a few auto combine like mega potions, flash pods, etc.
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