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User Info: MeteoraXV

1 week ago#1
so besides my few hours of playtime in MH Freedom on PSP quite a while ago im a MH noob (90hrs mostly just messing around, i think i just unlocked 8 star quests) and ive tried all the different weapons and i thought i was doing ok with gs (wyvern ignition) and karma lbg and odo lance but i was still not satsified with any of these and kept fainting too much still

then today i picked up the s&s and instantly it clicked and even though im just using a dragonking eyepatch and odo set and an attack charm and an attack decoration im slaughtering everything with ease including monsters i had so much trouble with, the constant damage is great and the aerial Circle button attack does tons of damage and the mobility you have is ridiculous - i cannot play weapons that dont have good mobility so this is perfect, plus you can guard?? i almost feel like im cheating

i understand that the bow and HBG are apparently the highest dps weapon but i just cannot play those things to save my life, the dmg is also worse than my lbg, ive tried to get it but it's just not for me, maybe i should try watching clips bc i havent done that yet but i dont like watching vids plus the s&s is just ridiculously intuitive as well as fun and fluid for me to play with even for a crap gamer like me. just half an hour of s&s having read no guides whatsoever already eclipsed all my 90hrs of experience with mainly gs and lbg and some lancing, even against the new monsters i have fought today

im using the barroth club iii and i understand that to boost the dmg i should get an elementless jewel thingy but unfortunately i dont have one yet even though ive read they are quite common...
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User Info: huki4101

1 week ago#2
Yeah, SnS is dope in World. Get used to the backhop dunks and you’ll be golden.

You’ll get an Elementless jewel sooner or later, don’t worry. They are pretty common. Barroth Club III is a very decent SnS as well until you get to Jho/Kulve.
I'm like, six damn strings never sounded so appealing.
The backhop has i frames, so abuse that if you can. Sure wish the lunge has i frames.
After a few hours of solo, I will admit it does get lonely...

User Info: KingofDungPie

1 week ago#4
Well the best raw SnS are the Jho one and the empress ruin so you won’t want to run an elementless build with SnS after a while anyway.
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KingofDungPie posted...
Well the best raw SnS are the Jho one and the empress ruin so you won’t want to run an elementless build with SnS after a while anyway.

I don't use SnS but I don't think this is true...I thought people were using Taroth Mud and Barroth Club for raw dunk spam?
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User Info: TorvaMessorem

1 week ago#6
I found the dual blades easier for a noob like myself. The way you can dart around with them keeps you clear of almost anything the monster can do. I used SnS first because that was recommended to me, but the abysmal range and inability to close gaps quickly annoyed me, and somehow I always got slapped out of the air when trying to dunk. It's more than likely it just wasn't my type of weapon, though.
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User Info: ilikefords

1 week ago#7
Yeah SnS is great. They replaced Lance as my secondary weapon to Hammer.
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User Info: Rhiethreal

1 week ago#8
I agree. It is definitely noob bait. I do still sort of feel bad for it though, with it losing it's uniqueness in Iceborne.

User Info: tearast

1 week ago#9
I wouldn't get too used to the SnS though, most people like me will kick you if you use it endgame because of its trash DPS which wastes everyone's time.

User Info: zegram33

1 week ago#10
its not as good endgame but kicking people using it is just daft.
especially when things like the wide range mushroomsncer builds exist-that sns may be the best support player in the game
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