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  3. Do you prefer melee or ranged weapon?

User Info: moseph187

4 weeks ago#21
While I’ve used IG and HH the most by a long shot I do like to mix it up and use both and so the three ranged options are all high on the list of my most used weapons.
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User Info: reignofkain

4 weeks ago#22
I was a Hammer main all the way back from MHFU. Branched out to IG with some DB in 4U, and now I use all 14 weapons in World. But I do prefer melee.
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User Info: New_Birdman

4 weeks ago#23
Ranged only.

User Info: blacksnake16

4 weeks ago#24
I have always been blade master, and now that I have gone from ps4 to pc. I finally decided to give gunner a try. It's very different from what I'm used to but it's fun finally learning a different style from melee all the years I played monster hunter. For melee I used insect glaive and dual blades. For gunner I am trying heavy bowgun.
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User Info: Jeannie13

4 weeks ago#25
Melee, I like getting in nice and close. However, now thst Close Range Coating is infinite, I want to try bow again in Iceborne. I just went with CB and Gunlance cuz of familiarity.
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User Info: GrandmaImFull

4 weeks ago#26
Ranged weapons are mind numbing.
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  3. Do you prefer melee or ranged weapon?
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