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  3. Glavenus Trailer out now! *Spoilers*

User Info: nuke2099

6 days ago#1

Odogaron varient/subspeces with dragon attacks, takes down normal Odogaron. Anjanath varient/subspecies

Oh and my favourite....

@LonelyGaruga Brachydios is back
Gamertag: Nuke2099

User Info: TheAmazingHat

6 days ago#2
Yep all the flagships are coming back, the 15th anniversary poster was actual foreshadowing.
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User Info: nuke2099

6 days ago#3 Developer video on it.
Gamertag: Nuke2099

User Info: LustValkyrie

6 days ago#4
Man, I'm glad to see subspecies back. Glavenous looks beautiful. Odo subspecies is just criminal. September can't get here fast enough. Glad MHW set the bar as high as possible for MH. It's just smooth sailing on the new standard for the next games of the new generation. Hot damn! πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰
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User Info: PrimalElz

6 days ago#5
An Anjanath that can inflict thunderblight is exactly what we needed.

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User Info: Tyranidomega

6 days ago#6
Stygian...Odogaron? Lol, and glad to see that Glavenus looks like it's still going to be a fun adrenaline fueled fight.
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User Info: CA0001

6 days ago#7
Looking great, I'm expecting Gore tease at the end of the next trailer.

But where are the water monsters though?
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User Info: Caroniver

6 days ago#8
Yukumo 2 looks nice.
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User Info: Jaegon

6 days ago#9
bath robe layered armor incoming!

User Info: ZenTea

6 days ago#10
Brachy slime on Uragann

Can’t wait.

Now just need Lagiacrus and Seregios.
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  3. Glavenus Trailer out now! *Spoilers*