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  3. Do you guys think that Iceborne may have their own Tempered and AT mons?

User Info: Semeki

4 weeks ago#11
Deaga posted...
Some kind of super powered monsters are very likely, yes.

It could be just Tempered and Arch Tempered again, or it could be something on top of AT or even something else entirely. We have precedent both for just repeating the previous powered up state (GU just did Hypers again) or adding another level on top of it (4U introduced Apex, which was above Frenzy), but World has shaken the series up enough that I think they may even make a new thing entirely. That would be the best imo, as Tempered is by far the worst kind of powered up monsters and Arch Tempered was restricted to event quests.

Agreeing with you. The best World offered end game were cut off with event rotation. I dont care what decide to name the tier/level above Arch but I definitely dont want it to b limited to events again! That is wishful thinking. They drip feed us for the entire year again.
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User Info: zxxcman

4 weeks ago#12
GU's endgame was Hypers and Deviants, which the same as Gen's endgame of Hypers and Deviants. Not sure about MH4U and MH4, but I'm assuming it was just leveling up your quests to get better relics in both of them. Frenzied monsters got sorta replaced with Apex monsters though, I THINK. So, I don't know, and honestly expect Iceborne's endgames to be more Tempereds for decos/streamstones at this point.
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User Info: Caroniver

4 weeks ago#13
SilverHawke27 posted...
If there are more powerful versions that this, I wouldn't think they'd still call them T1-T3. Maybe something like T4 or T5.

Hyper monsters were split into three tiers in Gen and Gen Ultimate, just like Tempereds are in World. Early game monsters would give Hyper Ticket Is, Some slightly stronger monsters gave Hyper Ticket IIs, and monsters ~Deviljho strength gave Hyper Ticket IIIs. (Elders never got powerups in previous games because they're supposed to already be the pinnacle of strength)
In Gen Ultimate, the same sets of monsters gave Hyper Tickets IV, V, and VI respectively in G-Rank. I reckon The three existing tiers will remain as they are and just be recognized as 4 5 and 6 in Master Rank.
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User Info: windklinge

4 weeks ago#14
SilverHawke27 posted...
Well, according to what people are saying, all of the new monsters are Master Rank.

That means they honestly should already be as difficult as tempered level content. The starting ones should be T1/T2 at best, and later ones like Tigrex/Narga are likely a T3 (maybe T2) equivalents.

If there are more powerful versions that this, I wouldn't think they'd still call them T1-T3. Maybe something like T4 or T5.

Arch Tempered is another story. Velkhana should theoretically already be Arch Tempered difficulty by the time you fight him in the endgame.

So there may be something beyond AT, in which we get a more powerful Velkhana, and something new for the current crop of AT monsters to go into.

It makes sense anyways. We already have AT status and Gamma armor for all of the current elders. So their MR difficulty equivalents must be stronger than that.

Here's hoping they don't shaft us with the MR Elders only being event quests on rotation the way the current ATs are.

mr difficulty of current elders wont be AT level dude. just forget that. they wanna sell to casuals with iceborne.
i except mr rank monsters to have roughly 50% more hp (based on the weapon dmg values we saw so far and a bit of math guesswork) and deal about the dmg of current temperds. maybe a bit more.

but forget about mr nerg beeing harder than at nerg. wont happen. the outcry from casuals would be too harsh. thier goal is to have everything accessable as far as mainquest and optionals go.

it safe to assume that all current weapons will end up with about 30% more attack power at thier new peak (weapon itself only not counting skillbuffs mind you).

this is based on the new anja longsword we saw. it has 850 raw attack (roughly) the current highest raw on a ls without elementless is 759. that anja sword is only rarity 9 tough. i except we get 9 and 10 rarity. i doubt we get 11.

assumeing a rarity 10 ls has 900 raw attack roughly at the lowest its safe to assume the best ones will reach roughly 1000 raw before buffs and anything else. this means our total dmg will go up by around 50-60% at its peak compared to now. monster health will scale accordingly to this. normal nerg and temp nerg have around 7000 hp currently. so hell end up with around 11000-12000 for his mr variant. still a good amount away from at nerg.
ats where designed purely for challenge mostly. tempereds where designed for farming. its safe to assume master rank will follow this pattern.
so if you can faceroll current at elders its safe to assume youll faceroll 90% of master rank skillwise.

i wonder how theyll handle health augs with this dmg change. them getting around 50% stronger is big not far from gamebreaking on the other hand. if they nerf them i hope its accordingly so it remains as good as it is right now and not worse.
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