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User Info: BlueFiraga

1 month ago#51
A sword, not a great sword, not a long sword, not a sword and shield, a sword. Not too short, not too long. Or a gunblade like Squall.

That or....bare fists.
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User Info: SilverHawke27

1 month ago#52
Doubt we see a lone sword with a fencing/swashbuckler style moveset.

A rapier, maybe.
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User Info: Destiny_Breaker

1 month ago#53
Ragemore posted...

I hope MH team hear my wish, and bring dual spear (not lance) in this game.

So you want the insect glaive without the insect. Basically the same thing.
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User Info: Sum_quod_eris

1 month ago#54
A lot of people keep asking for the something we already have but with minor alterations. I already dislike having two lances and two guns as it is. I wish folks would ask for more weapon diversity instead of variants.

I'd hate to just get another sword or gun. Something like a long flail would be fun. Or dual whips for another double weapon that's long range.
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User Info: thatlurker

1 month ago#55
Rocket powered fists. The series needs a fast blunt weapon.

The gimmick about the weapon is that it is essentially a rythm based weapon. Spamming the attack button is fine and can lead to fast but very short ranged blunt damage however nailing the exact frame of each “rocket ignition” in between combos leads to higher damage, speed, reach and KO. The thrusters can also be used for long ranged aerial attacks and powerful slams from the air. The thrusters could even be used for quick dodges or short hops.

Finally a cool shoryuken using the thrusters that you need to charge up and can only use on a downed enemy as it has long charge time and very short range. Similar to DMC Dante’s Real impact.

The weapon can be kept from being OP by implementing an overheat mechanic on the thrusters.

User Info: Shinagawakun

1 month ago#56
SilverHawke27 posted...
Preferably like how they are used in Castlevania.

I actually wanna see that now.

User Info: ssj954vegito

1 month ago#57
I just want a scythe dammit, more games need scythes

Or even more unique, a gunscythe where the blade acts as a sort of firing hammer for 1 or a few high-powered shots. Also gives you a portable semi-auto psuedo-guillotine.
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