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User Info: Gabe1

3 months ago#51
Gabe1 posted...
I'm very disapointed with the KT boss...is not enough that is the weakest and hardest to build up stats for weapon in the game...they just handicap even the endgame offerings Booooo!!

I mean Bow not Boss , I was hoping for some more powerful bow with slots

User Info: unknown_VS

2 months ago#52
How much better is Kjarr Fire than Kjarr Spark (LS)?

User Info: LordFarquad1312

2 months ago#53
unknown_VS posted...
How much better is Kjarr Fire than Kjarr Spark (LS)?

Depends on the monster weakness. As I recall, not much is trully weak to thunder.
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User Info: unknown_VS

2 months ago#54
LordFarquad1312 posted...
unknown_VS posted...
How much better is Kjarr Fire than Kjarr Spark (LS)?

Depends on the monster weakness. As I recall, not much is trully weak to thunder.

Hmm, I see, but it's not really a bad weapon is it? To me the health boost alone is gold (lol)

Kulve Taroth is weak to mhw-thunder-damageThunder when gold-plated. The weakness swaps to mhw-ice-damageIce the gold-plating is lost.

So there's at least that.

User Info: unknown_VS

2 months ago#55
So wait, Decay is better against Dragons?!

And Fire doesn't have a slot!
Does Decay have one...?

I'm not feeling this, what's the white sharpness good for, I had to sharpen twice against el Gigante...

I like the Spark a lot better / wasn't any faster with Fire... hmm.

I have attack 2, fire 1, Devine blessing 3, critical eye 5, dragon attack 2, handicraft 2, etc... is there anything the Kjarr Fire needs (besides a slot)?

User Info: SilverKyousuke

2 months ago#56
Whooo boy, I know I'm late to the Glutton HBG party, but damn does it feel satisfying not just to finally get it but also to use it!
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User Info: Gabe1

2 months ago#57
I own now lev 8 bows like Blast , Thunder,Water,Fire some have all coatings except power and one has only power some have 20-30% defense bonus , all have a lev3 slot, But they are all Element locked...I need to wear those Hippie Disco Kirin pants now and tote a Release jewel...
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User Info: unknown_VS

2 months ago#58
Taroth Fire... Are you guys sure that's good?

Like it's bad against most dragons, the fire slot is locked...

This seems to be more a epeen aka "meta" thing than anything.

Literally every other Taroth / Kjarr sword I tried felt better... ESPECIALLY SPARK OMG

But in any case can someone point me to an easy build for Taroth Fire - I would really like to unlock its fire slot tbh, but I'm open for suggestions (really kinda desperate because I can't get it to work it seems)

I grinded a whole week for this thing and it kinda suxx... Should have kept the "Decay" probably... -_-

@Symphoenixa Halp ?

PS: the previous post was a the the wrong fire sword, Kjarr Fire, not Taroth Fire ... I now have Taroth Fire... >.<
(edited 2 months ago)

User Info: Symphoenixa

2 months ago#59
@unknown_VS posted...
Taroth Fire... Are you guys sure that's good?

It's the best general LS right now and you want to use it only because of the raw part (ignore its element, so keep Non-Element Boost) and its many options to create a good set. You don't even need Handicraft to get white sharpness.
It's only outdamaged by Kjárr Decay against Dragon weak monsters or Divine Slasher, if you can't keep up Peak Performance (skill wise or because of enironmental influences like Effluvium gas etc.).
If you use it with four pieces of Drachen armor (what you should if you want to maximize your power) and focus only on weakspots, then you'll see where it really shines.

I'm not at home right now, but I could show you the set I'm using currently out of my head (for the exact set I have to look in my Excel Sheet). I'll post it here, so maybe this can help you now:
Weapon: Taroth LS "Fire"
Head: Drachen
Chest: Drachen
Arms: Drachen
Waist: Drachen
Legs: Nergigante Y
Charm: Can't remember ... I think WE +2 or MM +2. (I think you can choose one of them.)
On the chest you can even use Lunastra B for Drachen instead and then you should use Drachen on the legs instead of Nergigante Y. That way you don't need AT Nergigante stuff if you missed it the last time. And it's only a little sidegrade: the Lunastra B version decreases your overall defense by 2 points and has a slightly different element resistance set up, so nothing greatly, really.

Fill the rest with decorations and you can get this:
- Attack boost +5 or 6 (not sure which)
- Critical Element +5 or 6 (not sure which)
- Maximum Might +2
- Weakness Exploit +3
- Critical Boost +3
- Non-Element Boost
- Peak Perfomance +3
- Airborne (Bonus skill, but it's nice if you use Aerial style LS, but keep in mind that it doesn't work with Helm Splitter!)
- Power Prolonger (bonus skill, but nice to have --> it technically increases your bar gauge by 10 %)
- Set Bonus: Master's Touch

Don't know it's exact power, but I think you should have 825 (true raw: 250) without Peak Perfomance and with it 891 (true raw: 270).
Affinity: 100 % with a critical factor of 1,4 (so straight up 40 % more power on weakspots).
Aaaand white sharpness.

Unfortunately, LS is mediocre in case of elemental weapons and attacks, which is also showed in the Helm Splitter (which has a elemental multiplier of 0.3). Kjárr Decay is an exception here, but as I said earlier, only on monsters with a high dragon weakness.
However, if you truly want to use a fire LS, then focus on the Kjárr Fire version. You don't even need Free Element for it and it has Critical Element built in, significantly increasing your possibilities in creating an appropiate fire LS set - that one big slot on Taroth LS "Fire" isn't worth to use it over its Kjárr pendant. Although mathematically speaking, the Taroth version could be stronger in the end, but I didn't compared these two weapons (yet) in case of "optimal sets". I could start a couple of calculations when I'm back if you wish ...
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