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User Info: Apalachicola

4 weeks ago#11
AvlButtslam posted...
valikkster posted...
Which is why, combined with the fact that the loot is RNG, nobody likes running it.

I like the final phase at least, I wish we could get that part as a standalone non-siege quest.

It’s one of the more creative and interesting fights in the game, but I do wish for a condensed version. Maybe two phases - an abbreviated armor breaking followed by immediate release and enrage.

The RNG loot though, as you say, kind of drained the encounter of enjoyment. It was more relief than excitement when I finally finished.
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User Info: Exo_Icarus

4 weeks ago#12
Barrel bombs. Lots and lots of barrel bombs.
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User Info: HotCell43

4 weeks ago#13
Symphoenixa posted...
Apalachicola posted...
Not every run will end in killing her.

Fixed that for you.

Anyway ...
I think many videos aren't that good to explain specific things regarding AT KaTie and additionaly many are outdated (which are referring to regular Kulve Taroth, who was completely substituted for AT Kulve Taroth).

But it's not that complex. Here are a couple of general advices (and the way we're doing it in our session --> https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/211368-monster-hunter-world/77669891?page=42 ):
The main focus is to break as much parts as pssoible from her and to get the pursuit level (in short from now on: "PL") as high as possible (Lv. 1 - 6, we'll start at Lv. 1 on the first run).
You can break her tail twice (left and right side of her golden mantle), her "waist" (right next to the tail, both sides again), her golden bra (yes, both sides are breakable) and the golden mantle things on her arm joints (not the claws itself!). The latter ones are extremely durable and not so easy to break - Bombs are recommended for that.
And of course her golden horn plate is breakable, which knocks her out for a moment and you can get materials from her golden horn plate.
Well, potentially you could break her horns again after the golden horn plate is down, but we don't want to focus on that on our first run. Just try to break any parts just one time (besides the horns after the golden horn plate is down), damage her further and gather as much tracks as possible during the "hunt". (Golden materials gives points as well, so get a bunch of them too.)
Additionally: on the first round, mount/paralyse/sleep/K.O. her in the second phase (if you want to .. it's not a must), but in the second run, don't mount/paralyse/sleep/K.O. her until the final area.)

This is the general procedure for the first run for the first and second phase. If you're hunting with us in our Gamefaqs session, then see what we'll doing and learn from it. (Let us falling the rocks down in phase 1 etc..)
So, here comes something "special":
On the first run, we'll try to break every part at least one time (again: don't focus on the horns after the golden horn plate is down) and damage her further and thus she will run from phase to phase. If we couldn't break all parts at least one time until she runs into the third phase, then it depends how many parts are still intact. Most of the time (in my hunts anyway) the right front leg is missing and we try to break the golden part from it - but only this one! If we done it, then we'll just keep getting tracks and DON'T ATTACK HER! That's very important, because we want her to leave in the third phase, first run. Otherwise, she'll unleash and will go the fourth phase, which is a significant time loss. Don't retreat from the quest and don't cart three times: just let her escape.
(Additional note: if we could break any part at least one time before the third phase, then it's the same: keep tracks and let her escape. Don't attack her!)
If you get more tracks from her, then her PL will increase, which is very important for the second run.
Recommended element and weapon/s: lightning and LBG/CB/DB (or any good element weapon). Her golden mantle has a heavy lightning weakness, especially if she's heated up.
(To heat her up faster: attack her chest ... seriously.)

So, that was the first run, now it's time for business on the second run!

Thank you so much for the detailed explanation. Any recommended CB or LBG build?
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User Info: Button_Masher_Z

4 weeks ago#14
Lbg (phases 1-3) for kulve benefits most from partbreaker, thunder attack 3, and high affinity. Keep in mind that weakness exploit doesn’t trigger for shot damage on the gold plating, which is what you want damage on, so don’t bother with weakness exploit, and run max might instead.

Beyond that, you can invest in survivability, bombs, or special ammo boost. I mix bombs and ammo boost, personally. If running styx, you will have razor sharp, which is great. When you get kjarr blitz thunder, swap rath pieces out and get three xeno pieces, slightly higher damage. Not tons, but it is more damage due to affinity.

I personally would recommend waiting until you get the kjarr strongarm spark before running CB against kulve, but there is a good one for kulve you can craft: kadachi kaina.

A cb set will run partbreaker, thunder damage, focus 3, capacity boost, and guard 1. Affinity will be ok, but more than ever, your damage comes from phials, so affinity is the last thing to boost. Can fit bombs again, or vitality skills.

Against any other monster, I’d suggest CB melee is important. Kulve takes upwards of 1200 damage from phials alone.
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User Info: LordFarquad1312

4 weeks ago#15
How do you trigger her Fury mode?
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