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  3. Weapon/Armor progress guide?

User Info: SickMinder

1 month ago#1
I feel lost when it comes to weapons and their upgrades, is there a guide I can follow which shows weapon progress? Like where I should hunt for a certain material.

For example if I want to go the Long Sword-route for a certain weapon, is there a guide that tells me where I should hunt and for what items?

Do this to get tier 3 something, then start focusing on this armor here.
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User Info: TrueArchery

1 month ago#2
Keep using Iron path, turn it into Nergigante when you get to him.

Then get the Deviljho LS and/or arena LS (Divine Slasher).

Then you can farm Kulve Taroth, she drops a few good LS.

User Info: cody316

1 month ago#3
For the story? There is often a bone path of weapon that takes tobi-kadachi parts and gives it lightning damage.

That can take you all the way to nergigante who you then farm for his weapon off the metal path.

The only things lightning doesn't really work on in this game are tobi-kadachi, a hardened lavasioth, and kirin.
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  3. Weapon/Armor progress guide?
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