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  3. What weapon do you guys recommend for a beginner?

User Info: Unbound-King

2 months ago#11
Melfiice posted...
Thanks guys. Haven’t quite delved into this game yet but looking forward to it.

Hoontng is fun.
Except in Clinics. With wolves.
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User Info: Limelol

2 months ago#12
Become a Slinger main and your fans (teammates) will never stop talking about you.
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User Info: EwokCommanda

2 months ago#13
Limelol posted...
Become a Slinger main and your fans (teammates) will never stop talking about you.

Slinger is OP, that's why.
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User Info: Dingydang166

2 months ago#14
I feel like starting out with Lance is a bad idea. Blocking everything is a REALLY bad habit.

User Info: FroMan

2 months ago#15
Dual Blades is very beginner friendly weapon. All you have to do is stay in demon mode, then stay stuck to the monster demon furry dancing your way to victory, pressing O to stay stuck underneath the monster as he moves around. You'll be surprised by how many attacks miss you outright, it's hard to bite something that's camped up under your chin.

People like to say dual blades require "stamina management" but that's a bit of an overstatement. You just keep spamming your blade dance until you notice it's only doing a few strikes instead of a dozen, just press R2 again and rinse and repeat.
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User Info: Behemothshell

2 months ago#16
Hit the training room and try them all. Follow story progression until tobi, take his optional quest a few times with your top picks. Him and anja made me pick between a weapon I thought I was good with and a weapon that just clicked. Got some core mechanics and went back to try the other weapons for more fun. I mained lbg after starting sns, bounced across all the weapons for fun, now started over maining hh because I didn't grasp it at all 1st time and to push that sad 1% up a little.

The weapon I can't run is cb. I like the aesthetics, can't work the tedious charge system and read the monsters... I just can't multi task that thing.

User Info: Great_Khan

2 months ago#17
Yeah have others have said, try and do at least one hunt with everything unless something feels amazing, don't just trust the star ratings on the recommendations. I found LS really awkward initially while it was the IG which really clicked and was my first "hell yeah moment" because it's fast yet still rangey.

User Info: Optimist_Pryme

2 months ago#18
I started with gunlance because it reminded me of *something* (GUNBLADES FTW!!), anywho was really slow and kinda clunky. Now I'm using light bowgun and loving it; can also mod bowguns, light and heavy, at forge.

Since I play solo, light bowgun, with long range mod, gives me the mobility to stick & move, dodge/roll/evade well, and not get hit too often.

Some battles may get long and tedious, but well worth that trade off for the better survivability. :)
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User Info: Apalachicola

2 months ago#19
I found lance to be a good learner weapon - being able to block was useful in learning monster movements.
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User Info: CaoSlayer

2 months ago#20
Gunlance is great.

Has the big shield of a lance and focusing in shells you dont need rare decos to make it work and ignores hitzones that is the hardest thing early.

I got two different walkthroughs (one for normal, other with wide and long) from HR1 to 50.
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