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  3. What weapon do you guys recommend for a beginner?

User Info: Melfiice

1 month ago#1
Was thinking long sword. Suggestions??

I’ve never played a MH game.

I do kinda want a weapon that has a higher skill cap. Part of the fun is gitting gud.
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User Info: Unbound-King

1 month ago#2
Longsword's definitely a good one.
Getting to the point where you can FS as needed at any point during a combo in reaction to a monster's attack feels great.

Charge Blade's also become one of my favorites, it's a bit slower, but my god does it put out a f***ton of damage.
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User Info: Robertn__07

1 month ago#3
Lance is another good one. You can guard pretty much everything and is decent at breaking monster parts too. Makes missions a little easier, but I consider it a crutch so I try not to get too used to it.
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User Info: Caroniver

1 month ago#4
DB: High movement speed, very few attacks lock you into place, so you can dodge almost all the time.
SnS: Made for beginners. Quick sheathe so you can get out of harm's way, you can use items with the weapon out through the radial menu.
Bow: Incredibly mobile, and one of the most OP weapons in the game.
Lance: Surprisingly mobile due to hopping and the charge, plus a powerful guard which can protect you from most attacks, and a powerguard which makes you nigh invincible (I think you still take chip damage but I'm not sure). Also has a counter ability.
Hammer: Hit the enemy in the head until it dies. That simple.
LS: Big, sweeping attacks so you rarely miss, counter accessible from any combo, and a big jumping attack.
These are, imo, the best weapons for a newcomer to start with, since they're relatively easy to learn compared to other weapons. Pick your favorite list of traits and run with it.
Weapons you should probably not start with
IG: Complex extract system. It may seem beneficial to run them all at once, but since they all lock onto the same timer when you do, it's better to just have 2 and keep them going permanently so there isn't guaranteed downtime. (Those 2 being red and white). Without red extract, you have very few attack combos You also have to learn extract locations for every monster.
HH: Songs. Every horn has different songs it plays, and you have to balance choosing good songs with strong hits, because you're not always gonna get both. The same applies to Ranged weapons, but to a much lesser extent.
CB: 2 modes, with a very high skill ceiling since there's a lot of different ways to use your phials. Sometimes difficult to keep sword and shield charged. Axe mode has some of the slowest movement in the game. Counter on CB is much more precise timing than on Lance or LS, but rather than having a dedicated counter button, it functions more like a perfect shield in Smash (pre-Ultimate) where you just put up the shield at the exact moment the attack would get hit.

Every weapon has its own pros and cons, and every person is different and will like different weapons. I recommend trying them all at some point.
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User Info: tiathecat

1 month ago#5
Try all of them (along with a quick youtube tutorial as well, so many people seem to immediately dislike a weapon and it turns out they just had no idea what the core mechanic behind it was) and pick the one you enjoy using the most. Or pick several. Or just use anything depending on what mood you're in.

Whatever you end up going with, I promise you that taking an hour or three in the training room is 100% worth it when you then get to enjoy the whole game with weapons you love using.
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User Info: remmus64

1 month ago#6
Indeed try all of them, there's a reason the game gives ya one of each and a training room, sure it's not the same as fighting a monster, but it should help ya get a feel for which weapon is right for your taste in combat.

User Info: drag10

1 month ago#7
Outside of the training room, you can also practice on some of the early game large monsters for some live practice too. Plus you can get a good feel for reading monster tells and such at the same time.
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User Info: Limelol

1 month ago#8
tiathecat posted...
Try all of them (along with a quick youtube tutorial as well, so many people seem to immediately dislike a weapon and it turns out they just had no idea what the core mechanic behind it was)

Can't recommend this enough.
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User Info: Its_just_TACHO

1 month ago#9
Long Sword is great, it just gets better and better with time.
Great Sword is also very good, just as long as you master ledges and air game.

User Info: Melfiice

1 month ago#10
Thanks guys. Haven’t quite delved into this game yet but looking forward to it.
Gamertag: L GUT5 L
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