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User Info: RGM-79_GM_Pilot

1 month ago#11
Also make sure to get Friendship up to level 5 for full effects of healing and buffs to your teammates.
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User Info: SilverKyousuke

1 month ago#12
DarxWingDuck posted...
I tried TC, but that commission armor set is trash for basically anything.

If you don't care about damage, that styx build above isn't bad at all.

I kinda prefer a hybrid build so that when everyone is topped off, you can contribute in damage.
I think speed eating and mushroom mancer is overkill... one or the other is more than enough.
I use something like this for behemoth when I run support (except i use LS).


Lol yeah it is isn't it?
I agree on the advice everyonexs given, I figure I should just go for Styx and fit whatever decos I can get my hands on that somewhat supports the build.

Thanks for the help everyone!
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