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  3. What should be my next weapon?

User Info: paulodybi

1 month ago#11
Actually want to vote for SnS, the weapon is just so cool with that backhop and dunk. But since you have a hard time with it I vote for CB

User Info: Symphoenixa

1 month ago#12
Damn, I accidently voted for the wrong weapon ...

Pick Gunlance, the hot sister of the Lance!
Rising like a Phoenix, raging like a Cucco!
(Not a native english speaker, so feel free to correct me in a construcive way. I'm very much thankful for that! ^^)

User Info: DarxWingDuck

1 month ago#13
Im the only one to vote for GL???

seriously, GL is pretty sweet.

User Info: tokerblue

1 month ago#14
Dual Blades. Spin to win!
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User Info: Level_99_E-Girl

1 month ago#15
Symphoenixa posted...
Pick Gunlance, the hot sister of the Lance!
Boosted Support main :^)

User Info: Semeki

1 month ago#16
I uh already play GS and love it. I also play Hammer solo and its awesome it's why I didnt add them to poll. Main is Bow. So I want to try the rest of them.

noizedemon posted...
when will you close the poll?? as of right now, LS, SA and Lance all got 3 votes. what cha you gonna do??? XD

If there is more than more one weapon that is tied I've chose the one I want to try of the 2 or 3.

TrueArchery posted...
Bow ;)

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User Info: RGM-79_GM_Pilot

1 month ago#17
Dual Blades. Have fun!
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User Info: RoadRollerGuy

1 month ago#18
Bare hands
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User Info: EwokCommanda

1 month ago#19
Try out evade lancing--it's pretty fun.
EwokCommanda, Enigma, Wahooka, Skarr, and R-110 (and similars).

User Info: void_lily

1 month ago#20

I tried it on a whim after never really using it in any other game in the series, and now it's my favorite weapon in MHW.
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