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  3. What should be my next weapon?

User Info: Semeki

1 month ago#1
So... - Results (115 votes)
15.65% (18 votes)
Charge Blade
20% (23 votes)
Dual Blades
10.43% (12 votes)
11.3% (13 votes)
17.39% (20 votes)
25.22% (29 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Hey all.
I'm bored of Insect Glaive now. So I'm looking for something else to try. Nothing range. Just a fun non important poll topic. I'll try out for whichever has the most votes . Sorry no SnS or HH. Had a tough time with SnS and HH doesnt interest me atm unless that sweet looking HH from contest makes it into the game.
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User Info: PrimalElz

1 month ago#2
I love Monster Hunter so much that I made a Gameplay Music Video

User Info: SilverKyousuke

1 month ago#3
The charge is gimmicky sure, but it's a fun gimmick!
It also has a very different playstyle too.

If I had a second vote I'd say Dual Blades.
Beyblading down a monster's back is fun and anime as f***
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User Info: Great_Khan

1 month ago#4
I went from the Glaive to the SA and I had a wonderful wonderful time. Not too slow so it won't feel like sludge after the magic polevault, and not too complex so you're not replacing easy-if-a-little-dull buff gathering with something as daunting as Hunting horn combos, just trying to use the sword mode as much as possible while keeping the switch meter over 30% or so. Pretty versatile with good range, speed, and damage potential when a window presents itself, the sword has the ability to ignore bounces in sword mode so annoying armoured things cease to cause trouble, the only stuff I've had trouble with is really fast jumpy s*** since it's damage output requires s*** to sit still so you can hit some big sword mode flurries on. Best finisher special move too, insane chance of backfiring be damned.

User Info: noizedemon

1 month ago#5
when will you close the poll?? as of right now, LS, SA and Lance all got 3 votes. what cha you gonna do??? XD

User Info: nebula2

1 month ago#6
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User Info: Jaegon

1 month ago#7
charge blade

nebula2 posted...

or that

User Info: SilverHawke27

1 month ago#8
Dual Blade all the way. 714 hunts in and I haven't regretted it once.
"Sa souvraya niende misain ye."
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User Info: InfinityOver0

1 month ago#9
I love the hammer. It's my favorite weapon but I have to say the long sword is much easier to use
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User Info: TrueArchery

1 month ago#10
Bow ;)
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