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User Info: SilverHawke27

2 months ago#41
Yeah. I have some other games with some form of online to them.

God Eater, No Man's Sky, Xenoverse 2, Dissidia, SAO Hollow Realization, WWE 2k19.

But none are really -essential- to the gameplay.
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User Info: tokerblue

2 months ago#42
SilverHawke27 posted...
So do you guys think we could handle an Extreme Behemoth run?

Saw that I only need a single item for the Drachen layered, so it doesn't seem too bad, if we could handle it.

PS+ runs out on the 28th before the event begins. But I should be able to get another before the event is over with.

A lot of us have beaten EB an obscene amount of times. You won't have a problem finding a team to beat him.
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