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User Info: SilverHawke27

2 months ago#1
So I have got Behemoth coming up this weekend. Anyone got any tips to share? Just looking to get some friends and farm for the Drachen, Gae Bolg, Kinsect, and Palico (if any) requirements.

Got the special assignment waiting, the 6S rank which I think is just to repel it. Not sure if that is the one where you get all the stuff you need, or if you have to use the ones that come later on.

About all I know at the moment is to hide behind a comet during the Ecliptic Meteor.

Any good skills to have would be a help. I have mostly the pieces I run Kulve with fully augmented, along with one or two others.
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User Info: FG360

2 months ago#2
Don't die.
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User Info: Enclosure

2 months ago#3
If you're doing it in an uncoordinated group, having some way to get around fast (such as evade extender or just quick sheath and running) is pretty useful.

User Info: TEzeon431

2 months ago#4
Is this regular or EX?

You can flash pod him out of most of his moves. Charybdis can be a huge problem if you let him put too many of them up, so I would try to flash pod him before he uses it. Ecliptic Meteor is a OHKO move and it will hit you no matter where you are. They only ways to dodge it are to stand behind a meteor (make sure not to break the meteors that he summons) or to use the Jump emote at the right moment.

Other than that, make sure you get all the crystal drops on him in the first stage. That's pretty much it.

User Info: SilverHawke27

2 months ago#5
Got a few on GF that'll help I believe. They are definitely more coordinated and experienced than I am at it. Might slot in Quick Sheath to help keep my maneuverability.

Good to know with the flash pods. Doubt I'll risk using the Jump. And it's the Regular one. I might bother with Extremoth some time in the summer or after Iceborne is available. No real urge to have the Drachen layered.
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User Info: paulodybi

2 months ago#6
IIRC you're DB main right?
Evade Window 3 and Extender are goods skill to have for DB also HB3 for more survivability
You can get those skills from Lunastra armor (Extender 2 from Luna A/B helm) Evade Window 2 and HB2 from Lunastra Y waist
Then you can slot in DPS skills for the rest

User Info: SilverHawke27

2 months ago#7
Yep, so far I only use DB.

Don't have access to Luna Y armor yet. Gotta go after her during the Spring fest.

I have the HB3 charm I've been using with my Kulve sets. Have to look tomorrow to see what armor pieces I can craft without the need for more farming.

I've got tickets for Teo Y, Vaal Y, Zorah Y, and I think one piece of Xeno Y. Already crafted Kulve Y.

Just lacking Kushala, Luna, Kirin, and the rest of the Xeno tickets.
"Sa souvraya niende misain ye."
PSN: CrysisZephyr ~~~R.I.P - Burt Reynolds (9/6/18)~~~

User Info: tokerblue

2 months ago#8
For DB, I just use my normal build without Evade. Definitely slot in HB3 until you are more familiar with the fight.

Or just find at least 2 GameFAQs members and she'll be easy.

If you already have Drachen gear...
Kjarr DB (Health Augment)
Drachen Armet α
Empress Mail β
Drachen Vambraces α
Drachen Coil α
Drachen Greaves α
Handicraft Charm III
3x Attack Jewel
3x Tenderizer Jewel
1x Critical Jewel
2x DragonJewel
1x Flawless Jewel

Soul of the Dragoon 2
Soul of the Dragoon 4
Attack Boost Lv6
Critical Eye Lv4
Weakness Exploit Lv3
Handicraft Lv3
Peak Performance Lv3
Dragon Attack Lv2
Critical Boost Lv3
Power Prolonger Lv1
Airborne Lv1
Critical Element Lv1
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User Info: Button_Masher_Z

2 months ago#9
If you have a tank, don’t flash when he’s near the head. A flash resets the work he’s doing to gain enmity, and removes enmity when he has it.

Better to learn to deal with behemoth with no flash pods at all than have either a million tornadoes or have to flash every 5 seconds.
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User Info: DarxWingDuck

2 months ago#10
There's probably some good YouTube tutorials that give you visuals.

There's a lot of ways to beat reg behemoth, he really is easy... BUT you should prob practice drawing enmity with a tank because that's how you have to beat ex behemoth.
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