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  3. What is the probability of getting the Rarity 8 Kulve Taroth weapon you want?

User Info: DarkKirby2500

2 months ago#1

I'm trying to get the "Taroth Sword “Fire”", as an alternate to the Divine Slasher that doesn't need 5 Handicraft to reasonably stay in white, although it's not like I have that right now, as I have 0 Handicraft Gems, no Protective Polish Gems, and choose armor with more defense and critical, but no Handicraft (Drachen Armor), and I only have the Handicraft 2 Charm because I didn't do every quest yet to get the quest that gives you the item to get the Handicraft 3 Charm.

I also spent my one Hero Streamstone on the Divine Slasher already.

I've been hunting Kulve Taroth for 2 days (first time doing it) and have had no luck with it.

I don't have experience with it, but people seem to be standing around the quest counter hoping to hop into an over level 1 Kulve Taroth quest because finishing the Kulve Taroth quest at level 1 tracking seems to be nearly or actually impossible and nobody wants to spend the time to increase the tracking (because it is really time consuming).
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User Info: SilverHawke27

2 months ago#2
Yeah, you need to join the Gamefaqs Sessions for Kulve. You are wasting your time in public rooms. That is all they ever do.

As for percentages, I don't know. Just keep running her and don't get frustrated.

I think I got the Sword Fire back when I first started Kulve in the Appreciation Fest. When you are first going at it, you have the highest chances of getting new things, obviously. But still, I have run her for less than 3 weeks worth of event days total. And i have around 72% of all the Taroth/Kjarr weapons.

At this point, it's just down to luck to get the others and not duplicates. Nothing to do but continue running it when it's available.

There should be a room coming up in about a half hour and people will drift in through the evening.

I think it's about 25 minutes to do one siege in the GF sessions. Faster if more people are involved in the tracking to jack the PL up faster.
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User Info: DarxWingDuck

2 months ago#3
I feel like the new rainbow drops have dramatically increased the odds.

If you can consistently get 6-8 rainbow drops... i'm not saying anything is promised with RNG, but certainly much better chances with ATKT rather than reg KT.

Among other good weapons... I pulled TSF (already had one), kjarr sword decay, kjarr sword stream... last night.
That's not bad.

User Info: SilverHawke27

2 months ago#4
I actually had my first run a bit ago where I got NO R6 drops whatsoever. just around 150k worth of Taroth and Kjarr. Only one new one, another Insect Glaive, but still pretty good.

I think the Incandescent boxes definitely make it easier. I remember reading all these stories through the latter half of last year about how horrible it was to run Kulve seeking weapons and people not getting them.

In the short time I have run her, after just checking, I'm apparently now at only 18% of her weapons left to gather.

So if you just keep running her every chance you get when the event is up, you will probably get the LS you want before you start getting nothing but duplicates.
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User Info: tokerblue

2 months ago#5
The AT KT drops are significantly better than the previous KT event. I was able to get all of the Kjarr weapons in a couple of weeks compared to months of farming KT looking for one or two specific R7 weapons.

It also helps that people are a lot better now.
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User Info: Enclosure

2 months ago#6
I got the TSF last night.
I don't know what the chance is for each box, but I know the chance is zero if you don't run it XD

User Info: CaoSlayer

2 months ago#7
Easy maths.

If you got a sublimated weapon, then is 1/14 for your weapon class and then 1/X where X are the different R8 available for that class.
By example, before AT Kulve, the chance to get Water GL was 1/56

The same can be said with rainbow weapons.
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User Info: Button_Masher_Z

2 months ago#8
Sublimated weapons still dropped rarity 7s...
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User Info: MegalaserLAWS

2 months ago#9
You can roughly and inaccurately say( but close enough) that it's about a 2% chance every run to get what you want.

User Info: Jesserae

2 months ago#10
About the same as every other drop in this game.
over 1000 tarroth drops and only 3 of the items I wanted.
Better than gem drops though, over 700 hours and I've yet to see a guard up or a pierce gem.
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