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  3. Don't bring a lance to Kulve.

User Info: CapcomFan1012

2 months ago#1
Period. I automatically kick.
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User Info: Caroniver

2 months ago#2
OK. I don't like playing with elitists anyway.
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User Info: Button_Masher_Z

2 months ago#3
There’s a damn good thunder lance to use for kulve
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User Info: Unbound-King

2 months ago#4
Y tho
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User Info: Panthera

2 months ago#5
I don't think anyone is hurt by knowing they won't have to play with someone that would whine about using one of the least obstructive weapons in the game

User Info: The_Pup

2 months ago#6
Wouldn't it be just fine with element? Could run a elemental sanic fast stamina build for funzos for Phase 1-3.

User Info: nebula2

2 months ago#7
CapcomFan1012 posted...
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User Info: Fernystein

2 months ago#8
Funny how I beat her with no problem at all with lance

User Info: Rhiethreal

2 months ago#9

User Info: MetalGearDogma

2 months ago#10
Kicking people just for their choice of weapon is BS.
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  3. Don't bring a lance to Kulve.
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