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  3. At HR 41 is there anything else to do except grind tempered until you're HR 49?

User Info: DarkKirby2500

2 months ago#1
Am I just supposed to keep hunting level 2 tempered monsters until I reach HR 49, or is there a faster way to do it?

Because my HR doesn't increase all that much after defeating a level 2 tempered monster.


The Dragoncore Ore I need for the Handicraft 3 Charm apparently comes from tempered level 2 and above monsters, although I have fought a bunch of tempered level 2 and gotten none.

And the Research Commission Ticket apparently most easily comes from a quest you get from beating every optional quest, which would take quite a while as there are a lot of optional quests I haven't done.
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User Info: Damascus85

2 months ago#2
Just gotta keep grinding away, for both HR and the Dragoncore Ore. As for the the Research Ticket, you could always try to find someone to host the quest for you.

User Info: Rival_MC

2 months ago#3
There are event quests that give you bonus HR. One is up now, I forget the name.

User Info: SilverHawke27

2 months ago#4
Run Triple Threat Throwdown constantly when it's available, until you have a large selection of the R5/R6 decorations..

Run the Optionals. No reason not to. A number of them unlock Canteen ingredients or Mantles. If you have Augmented Gear + high tier weapons, you can steamroll through them in minutes each.

You need to farm Tempered anyways. You need Streamstones to break the DEF limitation on your R8 armors as well as any Armor Spheres you can get to buff them up to max defense.

You also need the Warrior Streamstones for your R7 weapons that are worth keeping and Hero Streamstones for your R8s.

Streamstone drops are also necessary for fodder to use with Melder Sniping to get the R7 and R8 jewels that are extremely difficult to get from just lucking out with Warped Feystones.

All of this is pretty much mandatory if you intend to get into Iceborne and Master Rank content.

Just don't pay attention to your HR. It isn't -that- difficult to raise if you play the game.

Before I ever reached HR16 after the end of story mode I had run Triple Threat dozens of times. So when I did beat Xeno, I immediately jumped to HR29. After I beat the two Bazels, I immediately jumped to HR49. And after T.Kirin, I was around HR58.

But just farming Kulve across around 11-12 days, with four runs of Ancient Leshen, a few runs for AT Teostra and AT Vaal each, one run of AT Xeno, and 5-6 runs of AT Zorah, I think that all pushed me from 58 up to around 70+
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  3. At HR 41 is there anything else to do except grind tempered until you're HR 49?
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