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  3. In which game was each weapon at its best?

User Info: Nes_Mettaur

1 month ago#1
I can't really give a take on this myself since I've only played MH4U and MHGU, but with how silly the SnS Oils are in the latter I'm curious what you guys with more series-wide experience would say.
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User Info: Semeki

1 month ago#2
I also only played MH4U and MHG.
In MH4U I've say the CB and IG. Didnt play them but they were definitely popular and pretty OP.

In MHG, eh I didnt play long enough to really enjoy it, wasnt clicking. So I wouldnt know on this one.
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User Info: ZenTea

1 month ago#3
Infinite lance evade 3 window in 4U says hi 👋
But I actually think lance was pretty powerful in Tri if I remember correctly. Though 4U was broken lol like that

Edit. Out of the time machine. Talking about lance backhops in 4U:

Post originally by @Endless_Night

“ From the japanese wiki, your regular i-frame lasts 0.2s. Evade +1 grants you 0.33s, +2 is 0.4s and +3 gives you a whooping 0.6s.

For rolling, the animation takes 1.1s to complete while side step and back hop takes only 0.66s. So if you're using evade +3, almost your entire animation is invincible when hopping.

Take into account that you can buffer your dodge (the evade animation doesn't have to be completed) before the next evade animation initiates when using lance, the i-frame effectively stack on one another without gap.

A game-breaking bug? No.

OP? You betcha. Even the emergency dodge only gives you 1.5s of i-frame. With 3 consecutive hops, you get 1.8s of untouchable time. “
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User Info: Brocknoth

1 month ago#4
For Hammer I would say it's a toss up between World and MHGU. Power Charge is OP but I always felt like something was off about the way Hammer handled in World. Can't put my finger on it. I think it's because the entire motion system is different.
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User Info: LonelyGaruga

1 month ago#5
Relative to other weapons,

GS: FU / 4U
S&S: G / F1 / GU
DB: P3 / 3U
Hammer: FU
HH: P3?
Lance: 1 / 3 / Gen
GL: idk (maybe P3, 3U, or 4U)
SA: Gen
CB: 4U
IG: 4U
HBG: GU / World
Bow: World

That's roughly where I'd put it anyway, probably some stuff I'm overlooking that would change what I wrote here.

User Info: DarxWingDuck

1 month ago#6
I really liked GS in Tri

User Info: MadDewg

1 month ago#7
I remember me cruising through the game with the lance on tri, and everyone and their mother rocking kelbi bow on 3 ultimate.
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User Info: CrimsonStrider

1 month ago#8
HBG/LBG = World because of the improvements to the controls.

Couldn't play MHGU demo after using HBG on world

User Info: silverbullet474

1 month ago#9
I'd probably say the few most recent games for HH. I can't fully say World despite the strong new mechanics though because a few songs were stealth nerfed (Earplugs, Wind Res, Stamina Negated) and 4th gen's weapon selections were all MUCH better.
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User Info: MetalGearDogma

1 month ago#10
LS in world is so rediculous broken that I sometimes miss the old times of mhfu

I'm a LS main. And I love it in world. But I kinda miss the time where it was actually super difficult to use 😂
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