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  3. Anyone here only uses one type of weapon for everything?

User Info: thehauntedpc

3 months ago#11
I ran the campaign with Dual Blades.

But now:

If it absolutely must die and I would prefer not to risk carting, I use bow or gunlance.

If I use any other weapon it's cos I want to have some fun and I'm not too fussed if it goes bad.

User Info: E Nice

E Nice
3 months ago#12
I use lance on everything, except low level stuff or easy events where it won't matter to practice with something else. I used to be able to use some of the other weapons in the previous MH games but MHW added new moves and changed how some of them feel that I can't really use them anymore, not without serious dedication to relearning them.
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User Info: Thatmofo

3 months ago#13
honestly you shouldn't worry about people complaining about db users because of flinch. There just whining about something they can fix with a single gem. It doesn't really matter what weapon you use, when you don't have flinch free you're gonna have a bad time. Truth of the matter is every weapon will cause you to flinch. It just so happens that db users in many perspectives are the ones that cause it the most when in reality, if everyones bashing at a head you're going to flinch from any and all attacks.

User Info: Lyalius

3 months ago#14
EHnter posted...
Lyalius posted...
I used to until I realized that Diablos is a thousand times easier with a lance than my IG. I can just stand in a corner and let them come to me and laugh as they ran into my shield and do nothing.

Now I'm just messing around with different weapons for fun.

It's hard using the GS and Gunlance because I'm so used to the mobility of the IG :/

I agree. I like using very mobile weapons like DB, IG and maybe Bow. If I'm forced to to use them in Arenas

I'd like to know why they even bothered to put bows in the arena when they don't even give you ammo or coatings that make sense.

I can live with some of the weapons now but the selection of weapons you get to choose from is still annoying.

User Info: Wasabi_Syn

3 months ago#15
I went through the story with only LBG. I started expanding my weapon usage afterwards. The only ones I'm not too familiar with yet are Bows and HH, but I hope to remedy that some day.

DBs are one of my favorites. Such incredible DPS.
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User Info: synklare

3 months ago#16
I was a GS/Hammer main from launch as I like big, hefty, power hitting weapons.

I branched out eventually, moved to LS and became fairly proficient with that, now I'm rotating between the ranged options and enjoying them.

I find that changing up the weapon I use can make the game fresh again, to a certain degree anyway. There's fun to be had for me in learning new weapons and how to use them well. I may be fighting the same monsters, but the fights are always different.
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User Info: Knowyourplace

3 months ago#17
i started the game on release with slice lbg, i knew it was op because of the demo so i breezed into the endgame with only lbg, after the nerf i still use it most of the time. Now that ele lbgs are a thing i change into that sometimes

User Info: srepucane

3 months ago#18
Hammer for everything. 1st few gens of MH I used everything. By the end of MHFU I was more focused on hammer and hunting horn. Unfortunately the changes made to the hunting horn after MHFU has it where I'm just a hammer main now. Even when going back to MHFU I still just end up only using the hammer.

User Info: Serokin

3 months ago#19
Well over a 1000 uses with the Gunlance in World.

After maining Gunlance in MH4U, Generations, and again in Generations Ultimate, MHW was a cake walk with my favorite weapon. I got good with Gunlance when it was a bad weapon and now that it's a fairly competent weapon it's all I could have ever asked for. The fact that it's a non-broken/mid tier weapon keeps it from being popular, leaving it with that certain bit of rugged classiness I fell in love with.

User Info: SilverHawke27

3 months ago#20
With more time to post:

I'm interested in learning Hunting Horn, Insect Glaive, Charge Blade, Switch Axe, Longsword, and Bow.

Not sure I'll ever be comfortable around the Greatsword or Hammer, maybe once I'm used to longsword.

I tend to prefer fast attacks over slow.
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