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  3. Which Monster you want to return in ICEBORNE most alongside Nargacuga

User Info: Exodiver

1 week ago#11
Khezu <3
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User Info: RoadRollerGuy

1 week ago#12
Mr.X gonna give it to ya.
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User Info: Tarotist

1 week ago#13
If Cuga can come back, then Rex can definitely come back. Gimme my Tigrex!

Surprised that no one said Barioth although I'm not a big fan of it...

Everyone wants Rajang back. Brachydios would be just as awesome as well.
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User Info: Maxmilion

1 week ago#14
It's the most feasible one design wise and my favorite monster from 3rd Portable.

After that
Rajang, Tigrex, and Zamtrios

Edit: Just realized there's no Brachydios in the vote options... Blasphemy...
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User Info: PrimalElz

1 week ago#15
Voted Zinogre but I also want Zamtrios.

Exodiver posted...
Khezu <3

The music of this game is lacking already as it is.
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User Info: tezzilla

1 week ago#16
Caroniver posted...
tezzilla posted...
Wheres rajang?

He's the third option are you blind?

Lmfai I guess I am blind ahahahahahahah
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User Info: mazingetter

1 week ago#17
Zinogre, because it was the first monster design that piqued my interest.

User Info: timber_jack

1 week ago#18
I want my puppy back!! Love me some Zynogre.
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User Info: zxxcman

1 week ago#19
Valstrax. He cool.

Failing that, Rajang. I'm already expecting Alatreon, so that's why he's not getting my vote.
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User Info: Kaeporo

1 week ago#20
Alatreon's already projected for MH World. He's basically a "free space". The only monster I really want on that list is Zinogre but Tigrex and Rajang are alright. I won't be happy with Iceborne unless they give us a leviathan - Agnaktor (Glacial) or Lagiacrus. Brachydios is my favorite monster in the series - hopefully he'll also make it in.
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