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User Info: Caroniver

1 week ago#1
Both the fight quality and the monster choice/crossover quality

I've seen a lot of differing opinions on this monster and want to know the consensus.
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User Info: SPACED1969

1 week ago#2
First time I did it hated it. Thought it was too difficult and stressful. After a few more attempts started to really enjoy it
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User Info: Semeki

1 week ago#3
Liked the fight, didnt like the Geralt detective stuff.
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It was quite interesting to bring to the MHW crossover.
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User Info: YamishiAndMizu

1 week ago#5
I need to apologize to oldschool (gold) Rathian for repeatedly calling her the most annoying thing in MH. This thing was the worst designed boss I've encountered since KHBBS. Doesn't exactly help that Geralt is so ungodly weak when you actually play as him and all of the dialogue is completely unskippable.
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User Info: Kanstar

1 week ago#6
Loved the event, I like the nekker costume for palico but it’s so f***ing hideous/gross/ugly I had to shelve it for my Hawaiian cat.
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User Info: Raltrios

1 week ago#7
Good fight, great event. Time limit f***ed me over the first time though, because of all the dialogue and getting lost while looking for the area with the totem. And having bad equipement.

That said, having done it once I have no desire to go through all of that dialogue again just for a chance to fight it again with garbage weapons. I would LOVE to fight him some more, but slogging through the quest now that I know everything isn't worth it. I'll wait.
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User Info: HF92

1 week ago#8
I liked the fight a lot. Was interesting and you had to play a bit differently to avoid getting constantly hit by it.

Feck the Jagras's though, being constantly staggered out of combos was just frustrating. Wouldn't have any beefs with that fight if they weren't there.

User Info: Rhiethreal

1 week ago#9
The fight itself was okay, even if the monster felt like an odd choice. The forced dialog was a bad idea. Making you play as a different character was terrible, and the escort quest soured the entire experience.

If the ancient Lechen removes the escort quest stuff and lets you use your own hunter, I will probably like it.

User Info: Linebeckable

1 week ago#10
Liked the Leshen, hate the Jagras.
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