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  3. what weapon did you use for the leshen?

User Info: MetalGearDogma

2 months ago#31
Longsword lol

But I'm not so sure about the ancient Leshen.
Its a pretty small target (tall, yes but it lacks a big body everone can attack without flinching the others)

So I think for him I'll cange to ranged weapona
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User Info: Button_Masher_Z

2 months ago#32
I'm on a huge LBG kick right now. I kind of want to take on the ancient leshen with blitz support.
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User Info: AZNFreakaZoid46

2 months ago#33
Hammer for the Gajalaka chief sidequest.
First 2 phases I used SnS.
Phases 3 & 4 I switched over to LBG and used the strategy that was posted in the Pukei-Pukei survival topic. It seemed to work out pretty well for those phases.
5th and final phase I switched over to Lance because I'm most proficient with that weapon. Did the best I could to keep the Jagras at bay with sweeps and charges, and a couple flash pods as well. Had to use up nearly all of my Lifepowders (used all 3 EZ Lifepowders and 2 Lifepowders I believe) to keep the Pukei-Pukei alive.
Then it was just a matter of keeping my composure, blocking the Leshen's attacks and counterattacking. Power Guard + counter thrust combo worked wonders for me.
During the final phase the Leshen just loves to spam the hell out of that ground AOE vine move. Its hitbox is ridiculous, and it hits me more than half the time. At least in my experience anyway. When the Leshen was very low on health/on the verge of death, and it once again did that ground AOE vine move (from point blank range, mind you), I Power Guarded it to ensure that I didn't get launched/take any damage that time. Poked the Leshen right in the face with the counter thrust and it was the end of it all. Phew.

And yes, the Pukei-Pukei survived. Had a little over half its health left too.

Having all of the sidequests completed in a single run and getting the promised attack jewel reward never felt so good. I can finally relax again after all that.

User Info: GeniusHo

2 months ago#34
To Dare is To Do

User Info: ZenTea

2 months ago#35
GS , LN, IG in that order
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