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  3. what weapon did you use for the leshen?

User Info: nebula2

3 months ago#11
Sns because it had white sharpness and was rarity 8.

I'm already maining all 14 weapons so nbd to pick the 1 with the best stats ^^
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User Info: KazukiYotsuga

3 months ago#12
I used the GS. Sadly I died during the final portion of the fight and had to hoof it back in which Leshen called in a 2nd pack of jagras just before I bit the dust and they wrecked the pukei just before I got back to the area.
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User Info: tonytonez

3 months ago#13
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User Info: Raltrios

3 months ago#14
SnS failed me as I ran out of time (I also listened to all of the dialogue, so there's that), I'm just not used to the thing.
Had a much easier time when I switched to the Insect Glaive. The paralysis bug was actually quite handy, and being able to jump over his roots was awesome. Had to sharpen it a whole lot, though, which dragged things out a bit.
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User Info: HF92

3 months ago#15
First two times the SnS since I do use it as my teritary weapon as a Hunter. It's a good SnS and I can't wait to get the final version.

However, the presence of the Jagras makes SnS less useful as its pretty terrible for fighting a ton of enemies. It makes making Pukei survive almost impossible, so for the Pukei run i used Insect Glaive and wrecked house. Helps they give you a paralyze dust for the Kinsect too to stun the Jagras and Leshen :) And of course make more mounts to break the antlers.

User Info: drag10

3 months ago#16
SnS on my first clear for proper role-playing as Geralt lol. I used LS and hammer afterwards to collect the remaining materials I needed.
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User Info: Hyde_Jekyll

3 months ago#17
LBG with spread shot. Someone posted a strat on a different topic and made it super easy

User Info: Semeki

3 months ago#18

Has some wide sweep moves for the jagras pack, it's what I actually enjoyed alot of the fight, different from the standard hit and run/TCS of the GS moveset for all other monsters.

TCS is still the bread and butter for GS and it was very reliable to hit one off at 2 charges after Igni.

Vines are very easy to counter with tackle. At first it took me some time, the vines take a while to crop so I would make the mistake of tackling early but evetually it was easy.

I did have some trouble with the birds and double claw. Only way to get rid of the birds was with Igni. The double claw swipe it's just in the moment of whether you're in the right position to tackle through them or not.

Target Camera made the teleporting gimmick easy.

Overall, I did enjoy the fight. Different fighting style/moves what made it shine. Did not like the RPG scavenger detective Witcher Hunt. I hate not being able to control Geralt every time you found a clue or entering a God damn cutscene in a middle of a Monster Hunt.
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User Info: Rhiethreal

3 months ago#19

User Info: Silkkeri

3 months ago#20
SnS because using anything else as Geralt would feel really weird.
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