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User Info: Symphoenixa

4 weeks ago#32
Rhiethreal posted...
Exo_Icarus posted...
Don't ever flash her. There's a 50/50 chance she'll respond to a flash with a supernova. You can't flash her out of the sky like every other airborne monster anyway so don't bother.

That's exactly why you do want to flash her. Her nova will get rid of all the blue flames on the ground and her aura. The nova is also easier to deal with if you know it is coming, can basically pick when it happens, and are prepared for it.

Yep, exactly that. And it even unloads her, giving you a little bit more time to hit her while she's charging again.
However, in multiplayer fights it's usually not that easy to pull that strategy off, so I'm not flashing her with other people. It can result in a pretty easy cart for your team if someone isn't prepared for it.

(That's one of the reasons a quick accessible farcaster is perfect for such scenarios. If you're surrounded by blue flames and you can't get out there in time, because unfortunately someone flashed her while you have a wall behind you, you can safe you and your team from a (potentially) cart.)
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User Info: CrimsonStrider

4 weeks ago#33
to clarify.

Flashing while she's enraged causes a nova.
flashing while she's not doesn't.

wind res 5 is useful for her nova and for her wing flap that spreads a line of blue flames.

alternatively earplugs will also help you avoid her nova a little easier and may be easier for some builds i guess.

water and crystal burst can extiguish blue flames initially but there's a second tier to them that can't be extinguished and blocks ammo
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