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User Info: resevil67

4 weeks ago#1
I'm a long time switch axe main. It's been my favorite weapon to use by far in this game, but I am also a realist and recognize it's problems.

I use to blatenly defend the weapon, but the more I think and view things now, the more I realize alot of other posters and speed runners are right. There is something off with the weapon. It works amazing against middle tiered enemies, but as soon as you get to the high ranking tempered and especially arch tempered, like jho, there is a huge drop off. I was in a switch axe discussion on Reddit, and the only weapon that got worse times then swaxe was hunting horn when it comes to arch tempered stuff.

And they made a good point. Idk how stagger scaling works on this game, but staggering with the swaxe on high ranking enemies like that is literally non existent. I've noticed the drop off to. It's like other weapons get to keep most of their stagger but with some drop off, the switch axe feels like it looses most of it.

Like against a bazel. It might take 4 to 6 hits to trip it, but tempered taking like 17. Yet with the greatsword it's like 2 or 3 to trip, then 5 to 6 tempered.

What can or should be done to the switch axe to make it more viable? I feel like it needs however stagger is calculated to be alittle higher for it on tempereds, and either a longer lasting or higher damaging amped mode. Because right now as much as I hate to admit it it is true, literally everything the switch axe can do the long sword and some other weapons do better but with better options and defensive abilities. The switch axe is supposed to be one of the best dps, with the trade off being very little defensive option. At the moment it's not even close :/.

User Info: JustinMeme

4 weeks ago#2
SA needs a better defensive option.

LS has foresight

GS has shoulder bash

DB has dodges and the spinning move to reposition or get out of the way

gunlance and lance have shields

you can block with a HBG

you can guardpoint or slide away with CB

don't play sns but I know it has a shield that I'm assuming can be used

bow has the quick dodge and you can walk around while doling out damage at the same time

don't play lbg

insect glaive has the vault and retreating slash

don't play HH

hammer doesn't have great defensive options either but has the level 2 charge dash attack and its attacks come out and recover pretty quickly so you usually aren't ever stuck in an attack animation like with SA

meanwhile all the damage from SA comes from combos but they take so long and you are so wide open to attacks while doing them. Then to top it off you get that gimpy short-hop as a defensive option. you can always do that retreating morph slash to back up but you're still vulnerable the entire time.

this might sound weird but it basically needs a copy of the foresight slash that LS has. or the ability to dodge in the middle of a combo before the move you are doing even ends.

I've never played SA beyond Kulve Taroth farming but I think I'd rather just turn off my console than try it against a tempered jho or behemoth or AT Elder.
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User Info: resevil67

4 weeks ago#3
Exactly. 100 percent agree. Like you stated every weapon in the game basically has some type of defensive option they can use even if they cannot block. That's what's holding the weapon back. You can't keep up constantly pressure.

Either that, or make the weapon a glass cannon style offensive berserk powerhouse. Keep all the defensive the way it is, but just up the damage and give it a bit more stagger to compensate for it's lack of defense. Initially when I picked up the weapon because it's big I thought it would have high stagger as well as speed, however it staggers no more then the longsword.

Which sucks. I really love the weapon. But once you get past foes that do not stagger well you see it's true weaknesses. Personally I would prefer if at the point they just went the latte route. Let it being a dps king with some medium stagger to compensate for it's bad defense. That way the wep has a good and bad side.

User Info: resevil67

4 weeks ago#4
The only thing I can say it really Excel at right now is status procing. It does do that very well. Paralysis with the taroth and barroth axe as well as blast with the lunastra weps.

User Info: Sirk

4 weeks ago#5
SA can block in Sword mode in Frontier, I believe. But I don't think they should be making Sword mode more useful rather than Axe Mode.

As far as the weapons you were uncertain about, SnS doesn't have much in the way of defenses. Nothing for HH, unless you count the ability to recover health via songs, and I don't. Nothing for Hammer. LBG gets a second, better dash when it evades twice while in combat. It also sheathes well. That's about it, though.

Most weapons' defenses are very conditional. CB has to be used at the right time. HBG, you have to basically be standing still and completely out of any animation you may have been in before; I've been hit by attacks from Behemoth when I was sure I was already standing still, because the animations technically hadn't quite ended. GS loses massive sharpness by guarding, to the point that it's basically an unused function. IG takes at least a little skill to use effectively, although I haven't used it enough to get used to it. LS's Foresight Slash is good, really good in the right hands, but it too takes some skill.

If SA got something it would be something that can be applied in combat, but it will never be a Lance / GL shield. Not that that's what you were expecting.
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User Info: resevil67

4 weeks ago#6
Don't take this the wrong way, I'm not bragging, but as other swaxe users will tell you, we get very used to iframe dodging. Rank 3 to 5 evade window is basically almost required on swaxe either that or evade extender. With the rank 4 I have in evade window I can basically iframe Dodge most of everything. That isn't my issue.

The longswords foresight slash is easier to hit then even the iframe dodges. Not to mention you can use it during basically any animation to cancel out of it, which you can't do with iframe Dodge. Foresight used to be hard to hit with before it got a buff. Now I find it so easy.

User Info: Rhiethreal

4 weeks ago#7
SA hops need more default range. ZSD should have built in rocksteady. Fade slash should remove the extra spin from the end. The should be less of a delay between the upswing then downswing in axe mode.

The SA is hands down the best melee weapon for applying status. Making them more effective would make it more effective as well.

resevil67 posted...
Rank 3 to 5 evade window is basically almost required on swaxe either that or evade extender.

I don't use either.

User Info: Dunceney

4 weeks ago#8
Just give me the old sword mode roll back, forward hop totally ruined its mobility.

User Info: Rhiethreal

4 weeks ago#9
Dunceney posted...
Just give me the old sword mode roll back, forward hop totally ruined its mobility.

You only hop if you are in a recovery animation, right?

If you need to cover a huge distance from sword mode, hop then do a rolling transform attack.

User Info: prsboys

4 weeks ago#10
SnS's main defense is dodging. Holding up the shield is mainly for when you realize you can't get out of the way. I also use it to block Jho's breath as dodging through it can be unreliable without evade skills.
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  3. A switch axe discussion thread. Let's talk future possibilities.
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